Sixth Form Bring your Own Device Agreement

Waingels Sixth Form Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) Agreement 

The agreement below outlines the use of bringing your own devices, when appropriate, in to school. Students are not permitted to use personal technology devices unless this is signed.
Students wishing to use their personal devices on Waingels School site must also adhere to the home school agreement, contract of responsible use of ICT and anti-bullying policy found on our website here

  • I am fully responsible for my device(s). I understand that Waingels School is not responsible or liable for the device(s), or damage or theft of the device(s) in any way.
  • I am not permitted to leave my device(s) on school premises outside of school hours.
  • When not in use for educational purposes my device(s) must be left ‘on silent’ to prevent any disruption to learning unless in the Sixth Form zones.
  • I must immediately comply with any teacher’s requests to put away and shut down or close the screen on my device(s).
  • I understand that I am not permitted to either transmit or upload photographic images/videos of any person on Waingels School site or images/videos of the site itself to the internet other than school approved sites.
  • The use of cameras and microphones on personal devices is not permitted unless specifically authorised.
  • I am responsible for charging my personal device(s) before bringing it/them to lesson so it/they can run on their batteries. Charging may not always be available and it will always be at the discretion of teachers.
  • I understand that Waingels School will not accept any responsibility for damage to my device under any circumstances, including damage caused by connecting to the school network and any infection by malware (i.e. viruses, worms, ransomware, spyware, adware, scareware and other malicious programs).
  • To ensure appropriate internet filters are in place, I understand that I can only use Waingels School Wi-Fi connection in the school network and will not attempt to bypass the network restrictions by using a 3G/4G/5G network. I will not attempt to use any proxy bypass, or VPN software to circumnavigate the security on the network.
  • I will not use any network interrogation software to try and gain access to restricted areas of the network.
  • The school does not provide technical support for personal devices.
  • I understand that I must take all reasonable steps to avoid bringing devices onto Waingels School premises that might infect the network with a virus, worm or any program designed to damage, alter, destroy, or provide access to unauthorized data or information. I will take all reasonable steps to ensure that my device(s) is loaded with the latest security updates, and has suitable Anti-Virus and security protection. Failure to do so is in violation of the responsible student use of information communication technology (ICT) facilities and will result in disciplinary action in accordance with the school’s Culture and Values Policy.
  • I accept that Waingels School has the right to examine any device that is suspected of containing material that contravenes the school rules or is the source of an attack or virus infection.
  • I understand that if I choose to share the use of my personal device(s) with other students, the device remains my responsibility. Or I can choose not to share my device.
  • I understand that my device(s) cannot be used during tests or assessments of any kind unless otherwise specifically directed by a teacher.
  • I understand that my device(s) cannot be used during externally assessed exams of any kind unless it is to meet a particular need and is authorised by the SENCO and Exams Officer.
  • Voice, text messages pictures or videos must never be sent or received in lessons, social time, assemblies, interviews, tests and examinations. The exam boards stipulate that any use of phones and portable communication/electronic storage equipment in examinations will lead to disqualification.

I understand that the use of personal device(s) on Waingels School’s site is only permitted in so far as it supports my learning and educational experience. It is not a right but a privilege, and I understand that any breach of these rules may lead to the removal of this right at any time and without notice, and Waingels reserves the right to refuse access to particular devices if there is a risk to the school network or users.
I also understand that any breach of these rules may result in other appropriate sanctions. I confirm that I understand and agree to follow the above rules and guidelines.

If you have any questions about bringing your own devices please contact Mrs Eaglesham, Head of Sixth Form

Waingels Sixth Form Bring Your Own Device Agreement