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Year 6 to Year 7 Transition

2021 Year 6 to 7 Transition Timeline
Tuesday 25th May 2021

Year 6 Welcome Event

Click here to view the recording of this event

Monday 21st June 2021

SEND Transition

(Hoping to be on site following Government guidance)

Monday 22nd June 2021

SEND Transition

(Hoping to be on site following Government guidance)

Wednesday 23rd June 2021

Year 6 Transition Day

(Hoping to be on site following Government guidance)

Year 6 Virtual Event Poster

Virtual Transition Workshops for Year 6 Students (Poster with Live Links)

Re-scheduled 'Key Number Skill' Event Link- 17/06/2021


Bridging the Gap

21/06/2021: Recording of Live Event

Key Number Skills

17/06/2021: Recording of Live Event

Making the Change 

15/06/2021: Recording of Live Event

Finding your Voice

10/06/2021: Recording of Live Event

Welcome Event

25/05/2021: Recording of Live Event

Laser Challenge 

18/05/2021: Recording of Live Event

Virtual Workshop Recordings

12/05/2021: Being Awesome:Growth Mindset Workshop 

'Take Another Look'- March 2021 Event

Live Recording of 'Take Another Look'

Summer Dates for Uniform Collection

Year 7 Uniform Collection

Virtual Tour

Please click the image to view our virtual tour

Virtual Tour Image

At Waingels we are committed to providing the best transition possible for Year 7 students. We actively try to ensure that students are more familiar with our staff and school before they start here and that from their first day they are proud to be part of our community. To support the Transition process we have a “static” Head of Year 7. Miss Crang works closely with our local primary schools and has become an specialist in the transition process. At the end of Year 7 a new Head of Year supports students with their transition into Year 8 and they will remain their Head of Year until Year 11. Where possible students will have the same Form Tutor throughout their time at Waingels. The Tutor is a students first contact every day and is there to support and nurture students on their journey. 

As a school at the heart of our community we are committed to supporting primary to secondary transition for all students in our local primary schools. We are fortunate to have a team of lead practitioners that take the lead on this by delivering our Outreach Programme and by running activities on site. For more information on this then please see out Primary outreach webpage here. Theses activities include Year 4 – Stretch and Challenge Day, Year 5 – Next Steps Day and Year 6 – Building Better Futures Day.

IMG 6647Once you have chosen Waingels as your school and have been allocated a place then we start our Year 6 to 7 transition process. Last year we adapted our Transition Programme so that we could do our best to welcome new students to our community without our usual visits and Transition Day! Please see below the details of our Transition Programme and the adaptations we made to this during the lockdown period.




Our planned program – all dates to be confirmed 2021 Adaptions due to Covid-19 2020

Welcome letter and key information -  End of March

Welcome letter and key information - End of March

Year 6 Welcome event – June

Parents and Year 6 students are invited to attend a talk at Waingels where we share important and there is an opportunity to meet the Headteacher, Miss Crang Head of Year 7 and some other senior leaders.

Virtual Year 6 Welcome event – June

Presentations to parents on Microsoft Teams delivered by Miss Crang Head of Year 7 with an opportunity for parents to ask questions.

Head of Year 7 Visits all students at their primary school.

With the exception of some students that are moving from outside the area or abroad Miss Crang visits every student in their primary school and talks to them about the Waingels values and what they can expect when they start at Waingels.

Head of Year 7 “Virtual” meetings.

Presentations for students on Microsoft Teams. Miss Crang Head of Year 7 introduced our culture and values and went through some common concerns year 6 students have about starting secondary school with an opportunity for students to ask questions.

SEND Team school visits

The SENCo visits all of our feeder schools and talks to their relevant staff about the needs of students that will be joining us.

SEND Team “Virtual” meetings

Our SENCo had Microsoft Teams meetings and phone calls with the teachers and SENCo’s from primary schools.

Safeguarding school visits

Our safeguarding lead visits all our feeder schools and talks to their relevant staff about the needs of the students and families that will be joining our community.

Safeguarding “Virtual” meetings

Our Safeguarding teams had Microsoft Teams and phone calls with the teachers and SENCo’s from primary schools.

Transition Day - June

Students will get to meet other students in their tutor group.

Students will have a treasure hunt around the school to help them get to know the buildings and an opportunity to experience some lessons.

Meet the tutors’ virtual event

Tutors hosted Microsoft Teams meetings for their tutor groups – they introduced themselves and talked about the first days at school they also sent letters to all their tutees.

SEND Transition Day

An additional day for SEND and vulnerable students. They get to meet the staff in the Den and familiarise themselves with the Den getting time to spend time in the chill out zone and learning spaces.

SEND made contact home

The SEND team contacted students and families to make sure that provision was in place for September.

Waingels Passport

A range of activities that students are encouraged to complete over the summer holidays that introduce our values.

Waingels Passport

A range of activities that students are encouraged to complete over the summer holidays that introduce our values.

‘Meet the Tutors’

An opportunity in October where parents get to meet the tutor and find out how the new Year 7 students are getting on.

Meet the Tutors’

Tutors will contact home to let parents know how students are getting on.

IMG 6575

To stay true to our school motto Better Never Stops the support for our students doesn't stop. Throughout their time here students will have other transition periods and we will endeavour to support them at these stages with as much care and attention as we do when they start here in Year 7. Below are a few examples:

  • Students in Year 8 are given an opportunity to choose their Arts and Performing Arts subjects which they will specialise in during Year 9. Students are supported in making their choices with advice and guidance from teachers, assemblies for students, a comprehensive options booklet and a parents’ information evening. 
  • In Year 9 students have to make the very difficult decisions regarding their GCSE option subjects. This is supported with an information evening about the subjects, assemblies by all options subjects and a parents’ evening. 
  • Careers advice and guidance is incredibly important and as a result we provide lots of opportunities for students to attend careers fairs, Year 7 students will take part in an enterprise day in November and complete a skills passport during National Enterprise Week. For more about Careers and Enterprise education at Waingels click here
  • Students have to do more exams than ever before. We know how important it is for us to support students by making sure they are prepared with the skills and resilience needed to be successful. We offer after-school clinics for all core subjects and provide other revision support in the holidays and at weekends. We also offer support and counselling for any students that suffer with anxiety or stress in the run up to the exams.


If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the Waingels Transition Team (

To view Waingels admissions arrangements for the academic year, please click here.

Further support is available to ease the transition process for individual students. Please see the Inclusion and Intervention page or email directly.


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