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Year 6 to Year 7 Transition

Welcome to Waingels! We are working very hard on an alternative Transition program for 2020. Please see our Welcome Year 6 page to meet the Transition Team and for updates.

At Waingels we are committed to providing the best transition possible for Year 7 students. We actively try to ensure that students are more familiar with our staff and school before they start here. In order to achieve this, we have extended opportunities to support students by trying to engage with Primary Schools from much earlier. (See our Primary Outreach Program for the events that we offer. )

These include Next Steps Year 5 Day: students spend the day having a chance to experience secondary school lessons to help prepare them for their transition.

Building Better Futures Year 6 Day: students to spend a day at Waingels and explore the specialist classrooms and equipment.

IMG 6647Our Open Evening will be in October, 2020 date to be confirmed. Open Evening is an opportunity to have a tour led by Waingels students who will be able to show you the amazing facilities we have at the school. This is a chance to ask students about their transition experience and the support they receive throughout their journey with us. The Principal, Tom Bartlett, will be giving a presentation in which, he shares Waingels’ successes and the importance of our culture and values.

Once you have chosen Waingels as your school and have been allocated a place then the transition will begin:

  • We have a Year 6 Welcome Event
  • Members of the Transition Team visit every student in their primary school
  • SENCo and Safeguarding visits are made to primary schools
  • Two transitions days for SEND/vulnerable students where they meet the SEND team.
  • All students will have an opportunity to come for a Transition Day in June;
    • students will get to meet other students in their tutor group
    • students will have a treasure hunt around the school to help them get to know the buildings
  • In September there will be a Year 7 Parents’ Forum which is the opportunity to find out more about the school and ask any questions that have arisen in the first few weeks.
  • We have a ‘Meet the Tutor’ evening in September where you get to meet the Tutor and find out how Waingels students are getting on.
  • We will also run Student/Parent workshops for Numeracy, Literacy and Study Skills to help support the transition to KS3 level work.

IMG 6575To stay true to our school motto Better Never Stops the support for our students doesn't stop. Throughout their time here students will have other transition periods and we will endeavour to support them at these stages with as much care and attention as we do when they start here in Year 7. Below are a few examples:

  • Students in Year 8 are given an opportunity to choose their Arts and Performing Arts subjects which they will specialise in during Year 9. Students are supported in making their choices with advice and guidance from teachers, assemblies for students, a comprehensive options choice and a parents’ information evening. 
  • In Year 9 students have to make the very difficult decisions regarding their GCSE option subjects. This is supported with an information evening about the subjects, assemblies by all options subjects and a parents’ evening. 
  • Careers advice and guidance is incredibly important and as a result we provide lots of opportunities for students to attend careers fairs, Year 7 students will take part in an Enterprise Day in November and complete a skills passport during National Enterprise Week. 
  • Students have to do more exams than ever before. We know how important it is for us to support students by making sure they are prepared with the skills and resilience needed to be successful. We offer after-school clinics for all core subjects and provide other revision support in the holidays and at weekends. We also offer support and counselling for any students that suffer with anxiety or stress in the run up to the exams.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the Admissions Team.

To view Waingels admissions arrangements for the academic year, please click here.

Further support is available to ease the transition process for individual students. Please see the Inclusion and Intervention page or email directly.

Thank you


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*Extra addition regarding PE Kit* Expectations for the PE kit will be the same as usual and as with other classroom equipment unfortunately we will be unable to lend spare kit so please make sure you have everything you need.
@WaingelsCollege - July 8
If you order uniform to school this will be handed out to students on their return in September – the uniform collection is reserved for new Year 7 students. Thank you
@WaingelsCollege - July 8
We are expecting that some students will require new uniform ready for September. Our school uniform providers are working as usual and have recommended that orders are placed before 31st July to guarantee delivery.
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to make sure that all students have their own equipment. We will be very restricted in our ability to lend students equipment due to the risks of contamination.
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**Equipment & Uniform Notice Getting “Waingels Ready” for September As we are starting to get ready for September there is a lot of preparation going on at Waingels to make sure that it is a safe learning environment for everyone. One of the things that you can do to help is..
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The Prime Minister will address all school leavers on Friday 10 July at 10am which will be broadcast on Facebook and YouTube. A recording of the address will be available to view on both platforms also.
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This week's challenge is a creative enterprise challenge! Businesses often need to think outside the box to solve problems! So for this week’s challenge we want you to think inside the circle and get creative!
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Y10 - Check your emails! Link to video demonstrating the socially distance practical work you'll be doing in school in the next couple of weeks. To whet your appetite, here's a blooper from