Sixth Form Contract

Below is a copy of the Sixth Form contract that you, along with your child and their tutor, will sign in September. Please use this for reference.

Sixth Form Contract 

Waingels expects a firm commitment from all Sixth Form students.

As a member of Waingels Sixth Form I will:

  • Ensure 95%+ attendance to all lessons and tutor sessions
  • Remain on site from 8.30am to 3.00pm with the exception of lunchtime. *4.00pm if you have a sixth period
  • Attend punctually to lessons including enrichment and PE, tutor time, assemblies and Supported Study sessions
  • Engage in at least one week of Work Experience in Year 12
  • Ensure my parents/guardians report any absence as soon as possible to the attendance officer
  • If at all possible, make medical appointments outside the school day
  • Apply for pre-authorisation for university visits, driving lessons or medical appointments that take place during the school day
  • Swipe in or out when arriving/leaving school if I have pre-authorisation to leave the site during the day
  • Wear my identification card and lanyard at all times


To ensure academic success at Sixth Form I will:

  • Ensure every assignment, piece of coursework or homework is submitted in accordance with my teacher’s deadlines
  • Complete all classwork and homework to a high standard and to the best of my ability
  • Work hard towards achieving or exceeding my learning targets
  • Ask for help from staff to ensure support is being provided to meet my needs
  • Inform my tutor if there are circumstances that may affect my learning
  • Complete any work missed due to absence
  • Keep my folders up to date for each subject
  • Plan and manage deadlines and revision on an ongoing basis
  • Complete 15-20 hours of study outside of taught lessons each week
  • Make use of the Sixth Form study areas between the hours of 8.00am and 5:30pm
  • Carry on no more than 10 hours a week of part time work
  • Take up opportunities offered for further study and leadership
  • Ensure that IT facilities are only used for the support of subject development/learning
  • Check emails daily to receive messages from staff and for career opportunities
  • Take responsibilities for laptops and other personal devices brought onto school site by bringing a padlock to securely store them in lockers when not in use; following the terms & conditions of our ‘Bring your own Device Policy’


As part of the Sixth Form and wider Waingels community I will:

  • Take an active part in the Sixth Form and school community and act as a role model for others in the school
  • Complete weekly prefect duties and community service, to be signed off by my Tutor
  • Attend and perform duties at Open Evening
  • Adhere to the dress code and look smart at all times
  • Ensure I do not park on the school site
  • Be considerate of neighbouring residents if parking in the road near the school
  • Keep mobile phone and headphone use to the Sixth Form area and not use in full view of lower school students
  • Ensure I use my study time effectively at all times
  • Treat the Sixth form facilities with respect. This includes clearing away rubbish, cups and plates and returning them to the canteen
  • Only consume water near the computers, and in study areas. All other food and drink should be consumed in the coffee shop area or other social spaces
  • Ensure the learning space is left as I found it. If I notice any problems, I will notify the KS5 Learning Manager
  • Respect the rules of each learning area


If I am not meeting the school’s expectations, I can expect:

  • Sixth Form sanctions to be issued at the request of my Teacher, Tutor or Head of Year
  • To be sent home to change if I am not dressed in accordance with the school’s dress code
  • To be assigned additional hours of supported study if I am not managing my study periods
  • To be placed on monitoring with my Tutor or the Head of Year for additional meetings and support
  • Restrictions to be placed on my privileges as a Sixth Form student
  • To be invited to a meeting, with my parents, to review my progress


As parents/guardians your role will remain an important one in ensuring your child meets the expectations of the Sixth Form, and therefore achieves success in the Sixth Form and in their next steps.

To support my child in the Sixth Form I will:

  • Ensure that attendance to school remains above 95%, inclusive of all lessons including enrichment and PE, tutor time, assemblies and Supported Study sessions
  • Notify the school’s attendance officer of any absences on or leave a voice mail message on 0118 969 0336 ext 2267 - 24hrs
  • Advise the KS5 Learning Manager of any appointments for my child during the school day
  • Where appropriate I will provide medical notes to the Attendance Officer
  • Discuss with my child their progress in their subjects and independent learning
  • Support my child in dressing in accordance with the dress code
  • Support my child in meeting the expectations of Waingels Sixth Form
  • Attend Parent Consultations’ and Sixth Form information evenings
  • Notify my child’s Tutor of any changes in circumstances or concerns I have about my child’s educations or wellbeing

Sixth Form Tutors play a key role in supporting you in your studies. It is important that
you maintain regular contact with your Tutor. In turn your Tutor will ensure that they are
supporting you throughout your time in the Sixth Form.

As your tutor I will:

  • Monitor your overall progress, behaviour and attendance on a weekly basis and intervene, in accordance with the school’s policies on behaviour and attendance
  • Meet with you at least once a term to review your progress and set realistic targets to ensure progress
  • Support you with organisation of work, folders and independent study
  • Make contact with your parents/guardians where appropriate
  • Provide advice, support and guidance on a regular basis
  • Support you with post-18 options, including guidance with work experience, personal statements and provision of references for university and apprenticeship applications