Travelling Expectations

Waingels continues to be a good school- Ofsted 2023

At Waingels we want to actively encourage all of our students who live locally to walk or cycle to school. Such travel is hugely beneficial for both our local community, by reducing traffic congestion and in improving the quality of our local environment, and for our students, in encouraging a healthy and active lifestyle. 

We do recognise that this is not always possible and that some students will be dropped off by car. We ask all parents to drop their children off and collect them from Ashenbury Park. The main site is very busy from 8:30am to 8:45am in the morning and from 2:50pm to 3:15pm in the afternoon. Please help keep our site free from traffic and safe for our students by avoiding the main entrance at these times.

It is our expectation that all of our students will travel to and from school in a kind, considerate and a safe manner. We value our place at the heart of the local community and we ask all of our students to respect the community as they arrive and leave the school site. We ask that you and your child commit to the following expectations when travelling to and from school and work with us to ensure all students travel safely to and from school.

Walking – We ask that all students walk sensibly along pavements, taking care to cross roads safely.

Cycling – We ask that all cyclists have an understanding of, and abide by the Highway Code. That they only cycle on the road or designated cycle paths and at all times they are mindful of other road users. All cyclists must wear a cycle helmet and ask parents to support this. Recent research has found that wearing a cycle helmet reduces the risk of serious injury in cycle accidents by 70%. We also expect all bikes to be roadworthy.

Waingels provides onsite cycle storage sheds and has spent a significant amount of money upgrading these. However, all bikes and equipment are left entirely at the owners risk.

The school does not except any responsibility or liability for damage or theft of any property left onsite.

Driving – We ask that all drivers be mindful of local traffic and help to reduce the risk of congestion by dropping off and picking up children away from the main school site.

We will continue to remind students of these values and expectations throughout their time at Waingels. In the rare occurrence that the school is made aware of students failing to uphold these expectations, they will be spoken with and sanctions may be put in place. For cyclists, this includes the possibility of having their bike confiscated and returned to parents at an agreed time, as well as losing the privilege of bringing their bike onto school site. 

We thank you for your commitment, and agreement to support the upholding of these standards.