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Head Team

Hello, we are delighted to be your Head Team of 2022! The last two years have been nothing short of an entropic vortex for all our staff and students alike. Consequently, as a team, we hope to restore a sense of stability and strength within our community so that Waingels continues to grow and blossom. We are committed to represent and seek out student views on the school values of Kindness, Respect, Pride, and Resilience, as well as the key priority of Equality. There is a myriad goal we would like to achieve within our term; our key priorities include celebrating diversity and ensuring equality, prioritising mental health and recognising our impact on the environment at Waingels. We are excited and keen to work with our community so we can make Waingels a place of inspiring and heartening atmosphere for our determined students and deserving staff. 


AryshaArysha: Head Student

I’m over the moon to be part of the Waingels Head Team! As Head Student, I’m interested in helping Waingels blossom into a thriving community by evoking a sense of friendship and importance within all our young and determined individuals in lower school and Sixth Form!



AbiAbigail: Head Student

I am very excited and delighted to be one of your Head Students for 2022. My goal for the school is to strive in appreciating the values and facilities that Waingels provides us with. As well as to demonstrate my independent and team work skills to unite us all for a better Waingels.



EvieEvie: Deputy Head Student (Kindness)

I am so grateful to be your Deputy Head Student this year. I am so excited to see what we as a team accomplish, whilst working together with the student body, and more importantly to have fun while doing it!! 



JessJess: Deputy Head Student (Resilience)

I'm one of your Deputy Head Team Members. I'm looking to make constructive change at Waingels, and create an environment that everyone feels safe and happy in.




FrancescaFrancesca: Team Leader (Respect)

I’m outgoing, resilient and I show a lot of respect to the environment to our school.  




AnnaAnna: Team Leader (Pride)

As a Representative of "Pride" I will ensure that every student feels their culture is welcomed, respected and valued. I'm going to set up different activities that will help us to celebrate cultural diversity and bring students together.



PatiencePatience: Team Leader (Equality)

I’ll be focusing on equality. I am very optimistic in making changes


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