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Head Team

With all of the student and staff votes collected, a close look at their applications and campaigns, and rigorous but enjoyable interviews, I am very pleased to introduce you to the new Waingels Head Team for 2022-23. The new Head Team will be led by Head Students Lumnwi and Jack, Deputy Head Students Nova and Joe, and Team Leaders Thomas and Kimberley. As ever, each member of the Head Team will take responsibility for one of the main Waingels’ values, with our Head Students both taking a lead on our key focus on Equality.

Throughout the whole process, the new Head Team really have become a ‘team’, supporting each other through the process, and demonstrating the skills required to lead Waingels School Council. 


JackJack: Head Student

My name is Jack, and I am delighted to become one of your Head Students. In this role I have taken on the responsibility of becoming co-head of equality with my fellow Head Student, Lumnwi. I just simply cannot wait for the new year to arrive, so not only I, but we as a Head Team can develop Waingels in every necessary way, as after all, Better Never Stops!


LumnwiLumnwi: Head Student

Hi, I’m Lumnwi and I’m beyond excited to take on the role as one of your Head Students. I’m looking forward to the change that we can hopefully bring about as a team with the help of your valuable input.



JosephJoe: Deputy Head Student (Leader of Kindness)

Hi, My name is Joe and I’m very proud to call myself your new Deputy Head Student and ambassador for Kindness. I’m eager for the new calendar year to commence so I can begin working with teachers and students to reignite the Waingels community spirit!



NovaNova: Deputy Head Student (Leader of Pride)

Hello! My name’s Nova and I’m your Deputy Head Student and Pride ambassador. I’m excited to be your representative for this year and I can’t wait to help Waingels evolve into a more thriving and welcoming community!



KimberleyKimberley: Team Leader (Resilience)

My name is Kimberley and I believe that by taking part in the Head Team I will be able to stay committed to my role as Resilience representative and to the vision of our school. We will grow and work together and aim to improve Waingels as Better Never Stops.



ThomasThomas: Team Leader (Respect)

My name is Thomas and I’m really looking forward to helping this school flourish while representing Respect and making Waingels an even better place.





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