Programmes to Support Most Able

The curriculum is well sequenced. It builds pupils' knowledge and develops skills for future learning and employment- Ofsted 2023


We at Waingels are committed to empowering all students to aim high and to raise their aspirations for the future. Every year many of our students achieve excellent examination results that set them on track to apply for the most competitive courses and top universities in the world. We provide a package of support for students who are aspirational for the most competitive universities and apprenticeships. This includes membership to our Aspire programme in KS4 and our Reach programme in KS5. Through the Aspire and Reach Programme we seek to inspire our students to aim high and to support them in developing the confidence, knowledge and skills to take on such challenges. These groups are not exclusive and any student who would like to join is welcome to do so. We also encourage students to engage in a super curricular offer which includes debating club, the magistrates and bar mock trials, the AAA in KS3 and KS4 and the EPQ in KS5.



Aspire Logo JPGAll students in Years 10 and 11 that are interested in applying to Russell Group universities, including Oxford and Cambridge, and/or highly competitive courses such as Medicine and Veterinary Sciences, are invited to join the Aspire Programme. This programme aims to provide any interested students with key information, experiences and support to ensure that they can confidently compete for such places in the future. Students will benefit from several opportunities to develop their super-curricular activities, which are so valuable to future university applications, as well as virtual and real-life experiences of what it would be like to study at top institutions. Students who continue on their studies at Waingels Sixth Form will then move up to our Reach Programme to support them in the final steps towards achieving their goal.

Reach Logo JPGReach

In the Sixth Form, the Reach Programme has been developed to support and empower students who have their hearts set on applying to study highly academic courses at the most competitive universities, including Oxbridge, Medicine, Dentistry and/or Veterinary Sciences.  Such support includes: 

  • Early Careers support
  • Advice regarding the application process, admissions examinations and interviews, including: 
    • Extra support with entrance exams
    • Interview practice and advice
    • Subject-specific support from our links in Wellington College
  • Advice and opportunities to develop super-curricular knowledge, understanding and skills to develop confidence in competing for highly sought-after places
  • Information and support with summer school and work experience opportunities

Both programmes of support draw on links with Wellington College, University College, Oxford, and Corpus Christi College and Trinity College, Cambridge, as well as the knowledge and experience of key members of staff across the school.

For further information about the Aspire and Reach programmes, please email

Follow @pdwcWaingels for further information, key links, useful ideas and initiatives.

AAA Programme

Leaders ensure that all pupils, including those with SEND, benefit from the wide range of additional opportunities on offer. Pupils experience different environments and challenges, and learn about topics related to the curriculum- Ofsted 2023

The AAA programme aims to offer students the opportunities to develop an experience of a wider curriculum through a number of challenges to support students’ aspirations. It aims to help them attain high levels of progress that will open opportunities for their futures. The programme is targeted at those students who are on a pathway to achieve three A grades at A level and on to university, or into the top apprenticeships. However it is an inclusive programme and is open to all students who show a commitment to their learning and engage in the activities on offer.

The programme revolves around different and diverse challenges and has been designed to develop skills and knowledge in areas outside of the normal curriculum focus. Tasks will vary in subject area, including Communication (English and Languages), STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths), Humanities (History, Geography and Religious Studies) and Enterprise to name but a few.

These challenges are designed to be completed in the student’s own time which also helps you to build time management skills and independent working.

Examples of Past Projects Include:
  • Christmas Fayre Project
  • Masterchef Restaurant
  • Year 8 Languages Outreach AAA project (students teach their language to Key Stage 1/2 children)
  • Translation Competition 
  • Debating Challenge
  • Big Bang Fair Competition
  • Maths Challenge
  • Essay Writing Competition
  • Big Bang Fair Competition

Staff Contact: Mrs Ward