Support Staff


Headteacher's PA

Mrs J Jennings:

Exams and Data

Miss G Jury

Exams Officer and Cover Manager

Mrs S Cuthbert

Data Manager


Mrs A Smith:

Admissions and Transition 

Mrs D Farley (Admissions):

Mrs L Haughan (Transition):

Key Stage 5 Learning Manager

Mrs D Price:

Communications & Marketing

Miss M Yiannapas

Creative Services, Communications & Marketing Lead

Mrs J Farquhar

Reprographics Technician & Administrator

Careers Adviser

Ms B Greenaway:

Educational Visits Co-ordinator

Mrs G Ellis:

Science Technicians

Mrs D Bonifacii:
Mrs M Taylor:

Art Technician

Miss C Smith:

Food Technician

Mrs M Quansah:

Inclusion and Intervention

Mrs S Hall

The Den Team Leader

Mental Health and Wellbeing Hub

Miss M Fennemore

Mental Health and Wellbeing Co-ordinator

Mrs S Jones

Young Persons Health Adviser

Mrs C O'Grady

Attendance Officer

IIP's and Teaching Assistants

Mrs M Karpenko


Mrs J McSweeney


Mrs A Murphy


Miss L Prout


Miss C Ranwell


Mrs J Read


Miss V Sword


Mrs V Whale


Mr C Wilkenson

IIP and Cover Supervisor

Mr M Comber

Maths Teaching Assistant

Mrs M Fry

Teaching Assistant

Miss C Foster

Teaching Assistant

Mr A Livesey

Teaching Assistant

Mr R Jones

Teaching Assistant

Mrs D Marsh

Teaching Assistant

Ms S Potiagaieva

Teaching Assistant

Mr C Ramage

Teaching Assistant

Mrs K Smith

Teaching Assistant

Miss H Spark

Teaching Assistant

Pastoral Team

Mrs J Polle

Pastoral Team Leader

Mr S McSweeney

Pastoral Team

Cover Supervisors

Miss C Guelbert:
Mrs S Waqas:
Mrs L Dinakar:

Site Management Team

Mr J Tagg

Site Team Manager

Mr T Batts

Team Member

Mr R Timbers

Team Member

ICT Team

Mr L Sweetzer

ICT Manager

Mr A Marlow