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Mr Bartlett:


Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator

Miss Street:


Head of Year 7 

Miss Crang:


Head of Year 8 

Miss English:


Head of Year 9 

Miss Swanborough:


Head of Year 10 

Mr Dyson:


Head of Year 11 

Mrs Bullock:


Head of Year 12

Mrs Eaglesham:


Head of Year 13

Mr Pembroke:


Subject Leaders


Art and Design

Miss Goldswain:


Business Studies, Economics and Careers

Ms Rowley:



Mr D Dodds:


Design & Technology

Ms Goldswain:


Drama & Theatre Studies

Mrs Bullock:



Miss Ellis:



Mrs Verhoog:



Miss Quiggin:



Mrs Verhoog:


Graphic Design

Miss Goldswain:


History and Sociology

Mrs Seymour:



Mrs Godden:


Media Studies

Mr Reynolds:



Miss Mann:



Miss Goldswain:


Physical Education

Mr Quartermaine:



Ms Bonney:


Religious Studies 

Ms Bonney:



Miss Fellowes-Freeman:



Mrs Verhoog:



Miss Goldswain:


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@WaingelsCollege - December 10
Head of Year, Waingels, Wokingham
@WaingelsCollege - December 10
REMINDER that Friday's Christmas Dinner Deadline is looming! For further details on payment and instructions please visit our website Any queries, please email Thank you
@WaingelsCollege - December 10
Chocolate Tombola this Friday to raise funds for Royal Berkshire Hospitals A&E Department. See you there..
@WaingelsCollege - December 9
Year 9 GELS have had a fantastic day bringing their learning to life at the 🌋🌋
@WaingelsCollege - December 9
Just a reminder about our next SEND Drop-in - Tuesday 10th Dec.
@WaingelsCollege - December 9
As part of Year 12 Enrichment, students' have organised a Craft Sale to raise money for ! Hope to see lots of you there..
@WaingelsCollege - December 9
An informative visit from Mr Bartlett who spoke with our KS2 pupils, about the choices they are presented with in their lives.
@WaingelsCollege - December 8
Looking forward to our first trip to tomorrow with Year 9 GELS! Remember it is school uniform and bring a coat! We usually have a 10 min que to get in and it will be cold! There's a cloakroom to leave it once inside. 👍🌋🦖🧡