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Mrs Lindsey Humber:


General Enquiries

Mrs Jennings (Headteacher's PA):


Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator

Miss Street & Mrs Creedy (maternity leave):


Senior Leadership Team

To contact a member of our Senior Leadership Team, please see here.


Heads of Year

Head of Year 7 

Mr Pole:


Head of Year 8 

Mr Reynolds:


Head of Year 9 

Mr Long:


Head of Year 10 

Miss Cinque:


Head of Year 11 

Mr Lawless:


Head of Year 12

Mrs Hustler:


Head of Year 13

Miss Heard:



Contact details for our Year 7-13 Tutors can be found here.


Subjects/ Departments

Art and Design/ Design & Technology

Subject Leader: Mrs McNeill & Miss Campbell:

Miss J Campbell
Mrs A Gahir
Mrs L McGann
Mrs L McNeill
Ms L U'Ren
Mrs L Wendt
Mrs C Wood



Subject Leader: Mrs K Tickner:

Miss F Agyemang
Miss A Jones


Business Studies and Economics 

Subject Leader: Mrs Kaur:

Mrs P Kaur
Mrs K Tickner
Ms S Randhawa



Subject Leader: Mr King:

Mrs A Badipe
Mr N King


Drama & Theatre Studies

Subject Leader: Mrs Crang:

Miss L Bartlett
Mrs L Crang



Subject Leader: Ms B Liberda:

Ms N Barrett
Miss D Churchill
Ms J Colley
Mrs N Creedy
Mrs S Griffith
Mrs A Jenner
Mrs N Jones
Ms B Liberda
Mr F Ranson
Miss L Stinson
Mrs C Wigham


Food & Nutrition

Subject Leader: Ms N Aitken:

Ms N Aitken
Miss L McLuckie



Subject Leader for French: Mrs L Verhoog:

Subject Leader for Spanish: Mrs L Verhoog:

Miss A Cinque
Mrs A Jenner
Mr S Lawless
Miss C Riley
Mrs L Verhoog



Subject Leader: Mrs Atkins:

Mrs E Atkins
Miss S Heard
Miss C McLean
Mrs R Rathbone
Mrs J Shepherd
Mr L Wild



Subject Leader: Mrs Seymour (Maternity Leave)/ Miss Thornicroft :

Miss L English
Miss M Flynn
Mr M Jordan
Mr K Price
Mrs E Seymour



Subject Leader: Mrs Godden:

Miss P Akinwolemiwa
Mr S Alexander
Mrs D Aswani
Miss R Chen
Mrs L Cox
Mrs M Godden
Mr M Hamilton
Mr C Hughesdon
Ms L Jiang
Mrs J Mahoney
Mrs N Phillips
Mrs L Pillai
Mrs S Samson
Mr D Whittall


Media Studies

Subject Leader: Mrs Crang:

Mr J Reynolds



Subject Leader: Miss Mann:

Mrs R Dunsmoir
Miss N Mann



Subject Leader: Mrs McNeill & Miss Campbell:

Miss J Campbell
Mrs L McNeill


Physical Education and Sports Science

Subject Leader: Mrs Jackson-Norris:

Miss S Bellis
Mr R Bradford
Mrs J Eaglesham
Miss C Irvin
Mrs C Jackson-Norris
Mr C MacKinnon
Miss L McLuckie
Mr J Sewell
Mr L Wild



Subject Leader: Miss Percival:

Ms J Bonney
Mrs L Chislett
Miss L Percival
Mrs C Ward



Subject Leader: Miss Fellowes-Freeman:

Mrs E Biddle
Mr R Bradford
Mrs L Chislett
Mrs C Dunford
Miss E Fellowes-Freeman
Dr A Hamilton
Mrs K Heaton
Miss C Irvin
Mr N Johnson
Mr R Long
Mr S Parmar
Mr P Pole
Mr J Sewell
Mrs K Sewell
Mr C Young


Social Science (Religious Studies, Beliefs & Life, Criminology, Citizenship, Health Social)

Subject Leader: Ms Bonney:

Mrs R Abery
Ms J Bonney
Mr J Brown
Ms G Herron
Mrs H Hustler
Miss C McLean
Ms M Mishra
Ms A Robinson
Mrs C Ward


Support Staff

Contact details for our support staff can be found here.


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We are inviting students and staff, on Thursday 20th June, to wear a splash of green along with their uniform in line with the Berkshire Refugee Support Group.— Waingels () June 17, 2024
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🏳️‍🌈REMINDER🏳️‍🌈Tomorrow we will have a cake sale and be selling Pride Ally badges. See you at lunch time!— Waingels () June 17, 2024
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Bonjour! On est arrivés en France! All happy and well! 🇫🇷🇫🇷— Waingels MFL Dept () June 14, 2024
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Our under 14s football team celebrated their successes by enjoying a hot chocolate with Mrs Humber this week! Well done to the team again on being Premiership champions ⚽️.— Waingels () June 13, 2024
@WaingelsCollege - June 13
Next week is National Thank a Teacher Day! If you would like to thank any member of staff for their work at Waingels please nominate them here - if you do not know the staff's email please use and we will pass on— Waingels () June 13, 2024
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