Personal Development Goals

Pupils value the wide range of extra-curricular activities- Ofsted 2023

Students at Waingels have many opportunities to develop their character and contribute to the wider school community. These are key to preparing students for life afterschool, for further/higher education and employment. Students in Ks3 and Ks4 take part in our Personal Development Goals. By completing a wide range of activities and challenges linked to our school values we nurture Ks3 student attitudes, values and develop the capabilities needed to contribute to our community as active, productive, responsible and creative citizens that live fulfilling lives. Students in year 7, 8 and 9 enjoy the many opportunities the goals provide to take a role in school and become more confident.  

When students start their GCSEs they will continue on to our Ks4 Personal Development Goals, which are more tailored to developing key areas of strength for individual pupils, allowing students to personalise their school journey and develop confidence, resilience and their academic independence. Students select a range of tasks or challenges that suit their interests and talents from 4 developmental pathways; a Scholars Pathway, a Community Pathway, a Leadership Pathway and an Excellence Pathway focused on personal growth. Each task or challenge is selected to help students grow as a person such as becoming a community leader or achieving their bronze Duke of Edinburgh badge.

At all levels of the Personal Development Goals students will achieve bronze, silver and gold badges in recognition of completing 8, 14 and 18 tasks respectively. In recognition of the commitment required for some badges over others. At KS4 students can also achieve an exceptionality award for sustained commitment in key areas. Taking part will help students to prepare for post 16 and help them to stand out in a competitive world.

We want students to take responsibility for achieving these goals and ask that as parents and carers that you support your child/children to complete these tasks independently. All students will be issued with a card which outlines the goals and where they can get them signed off. Achievements will be rewarded with badges and certificates. The cards are on the website below.

Research shows that students who engage with opportunities like this learn valuable skills such as teamwork and leadership, along with other benefits such as getting higher grades, higher levels of self-esteem and increased attendance at school. We hope that you can see the value of these goals for all students and will support us with the launch this year.

Personal Development Goals

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