Personal Development and Wider Curriculum

Personal DevelopmentLeaders' work to promote pupils' wider development is a strength of the school. Leaders have created a highly effective programme that equips pupils with the knowledge and skills needed for their future- Ofsted 2023

We at Waingels are committed to helping our students to develop into well-rounded individuals who are Kind, Proud, Resilient and Respectful. Through the formal and pastoral curriculum, we seek to help students to develop key knowledge and skills that will help them to aim high, to reach their aspirations and to become positive members of society.

The pastoral curriculum supports pupils in their personal development through an engaging pastoral curriculum program and assemblies linked to our core school values, raising awareness of local, national and international events, developing key learning and life skills, and giving students an opportunity to share their voice. Our pastoral curriculum shares and celebrates diversity, promoting multiculturalism and equality through assemblies and linked tutorial sessions. 

All students at Waingels are encouraged to participate in building our pastoral curriculum, whether as part of the School Council or on a matter of personal interest, and we are very proud of the student-led assemblies we have had on Black History Month, Remembrance Day, and Kindness and Anti-Bullying Awareness. 

Our Pastoral Curriculum has been designed to support students with their future aspirations and each step of their journey to be able to achieve these including support with the options process in Year 8, 9 and 11. It also provides students with information and a safe space to discuss key issues that young people face as they grow up in an age appropriate way, with the support of our PSHCE topics such as healthy relationships and focus on mental health support. Year 7 also receive support from their tutor and through the Pastoral Curriculum to make the transition to secondary school and settle in to life at Waingels.

Wider CurriculumFrom the start of Year 7 to the end of their studies at Waingels, students will have the opportunity to participate in a number of extra-curricular, super-curricular and enrichment opportunities. Although there have been setbacks due to lockdown, we are always looking for opportunities. More details can be found here.

At Waingels we value the opinions and ideas of our students. We have a well established and student elected School Council, led by a Sixth Form Head Team. They commit to working on behalf of students and ensure that their voice is heard. They led a student consultation on uniform changes that were accepted by the Governing Board and they are currently working on an Inclusion Charter and  Sustainability plan for the school. All students are encouraged to share their ideas for change with the School Council. 

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