Championing the Arts

The creative industries are a true British success story, from 2010 to 2019 they grew more than one and a half times faster than the wider economy and in 2021 they generated £108 billion in economic value. In 2021, they employed 2.3 million people, a 49% increase since 2011

The power of an Arts education is strong. Increased self-confidence and self-understanding, enhanced communication skills, and improved cognition are among the many reasons for our extensive arts curriculum. For Waingels, an Arts education is as important as academic subjects, in order to build well rounded young adults.

Our curriculum covers Fine Art, Graphics, Photography, Textiles, 3D Design, Drama, Music and Media from the outset. Students are provided with a vast array of opportunities including numerous extracurricular activities, competitions to take part in and trips. Trips can be local for example Dinton Pastures, or be further a foot in London, Brighton and Surrey. Information gathered on these trips will be an extremely useful addition to projects undertaken and expands knowledge and experiences.