Transition Support and Guidance

Our students are closely monitored and supported to ensure that they fulfil their potential. In Year 11 Autumn Term there will be a tutor focus on Careers where students will be given the opportunity to explore the post 16 options available to them. This will be supported with a 1-1 meeting with the Careers Adviser, where students will discuss their options and create a careers action plan.

Autumn Term: Open Evening and Taster Day

To support students intending to join Waingels Sixth Form we will host an Open Evening for students and parents, followed shortly after by a taster day where Year 11 students have the opportunity to attend Sixth Form lessons of their choice. This will enable them to make informed decisions about what they would like to do next year.

Summer Term: Induction Day

In the Summer Term students will attend an induction day to get familiar with what is expected of them when they begin Sixth Form in September. This will be another opportunity to explore subject choices in case any student has changed their mind.

Results Day and Enrolment

On or following Results Day, students will be offered an opportunity to discuss their subject choices with members of staff if they would like to make any changes. At this stage all subject choices are confirmed and any amendments made. Some students may be asked to attend Maths Summer School. If this is required you will be advised in advance.

Summer Term Year 12: Induction Weeks

In the first few weeks students will be settling in. This is supported with information sessions, extended tutor time, a 1-1 with your new tutor and a follow up ‘meet the tutor’ appointment for parents and students to attend to review how students have settled in and establish support if needed.


Important Information/ Documents

Year 12 Induction Video

Sixth Form Parent and Student Guide 2023-2024