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Waingels Uniform

All students are expected to wear school uniform at all times and if, for whatever reason, they are not able to do so they need a note from home so that we can deal with the issue appropriately.

Students are required, at all times, to have one piece of uniform that identifies them as a Waingels student i.e. either a blazer or jumper. Students must also have their lanyard on them.

NEW Uniform Poster 2024

Waingels uniform can be purchased from the following website:

*Sweatshirts are only available for home delivery which will take 2-5 working days depending on which delivery service is chosen. Alternatively you can go to the local shop to buy and try on uniform, this is located at 4 Chatham Place, Reading, RG1 7AR


Sweatshirt Uniform Sizing Guide

Uniform Size Guide

BadgeWe no longer stock blazers and old style jumpers. If students wish to wear a blazer they can wear a hand me down from an older sibling or a grey blazer can be purchased (for example from the high street) and a Waingels badge can be purchased from school via ParentPay to sew on. The blazer must be branded with a Waingels badge.



A polite and timely reminder that we do not endorse one brand of shoe i.e. Air force 1s. Shoes need to be plain black and be able to be polished.

The Behaviour & Attitudes Policy and our Uniform Policy sets out our clear uniform expectations in detail. 

PE Kit

NEW PE Kit Poster 2024The current Waingels PE Kit is no longer available to order from SWI. From now until July/ August 2024, PE kit can only be ordered through the school. Please order your PE kit items by emailing Mrs  Makepeace on MakMMK@waingels.wokingham.sch.uk stating which items you require. Once communication has been made, she will advise how to purchase, students will then be able to collect new PE kit items from Reception. 

From July/ August 2024 PE Kit ordering will be provided by the same supplier as our school uniform (Stevenson's). Parents will be able to pre-order on their website from mid-July.  Stock will be available in-branch from August – date TBC.

The Halo Code

Halo CodeWaingels has adopted the Halo code, this code champions the right for staff and students to embrace all Afro-hairstyles but also acknowledges that this should be in line with the school’s uniform policy.

  • That head wraps and scarves should reflect other elements of the dress code
  • That hair may need to be tied up for health and safety reasons – at Waingels this means Science, PE and other practical lessons.
  • That hair colour is reflective of the wider dress code policy





Sixth Form

Sixth Form Dress Code 

It is important that all Sixth Form students take pride in their appearance. The dress code below outlines what is considered office smart at Waingels and will apply at all times on the college site, unless on a trip or specific, teacher-approved activity that requires different clothing.


  • Collared shirts
  • Polo shirts
  • Smart tops or blouses. This can include plain coloured t-shirts
  • Chinos, formal trousers or skirts to appropriate length
  • Tailored Shorts in the Summer
  • Dark jackets suitable for formal office wear
  • Smart shoes suitable for formal office wear. *Any form of trainer is not to be worn. At Waingels we consider a trainer to be a sports shoe of any colour, that has a cushioned sole and is made of non-polishable material. Logos should not be visible.
  • Appropriate Sportswear for PE lessons
  • Sixth Form lanyards must be worn at all times
  • *If you take BTEC Sport you are permitted to wear your Waingels Sports Kit



  • Casual T shirts
  • Jeans or skin-tight trousers
  • Denim
  • Short skirts, shorts or leggings (unless underneath a dress)
  • Tops that are cropped
  • Tops or dresses that are strapless or have spaghetti or halter style straps
  • Large logos or branding on clothing
  • Hoodies *Waingels Leavers hoodies are permitted
  • Trainers or other casual shoes, or shoes with a white rubber sole or logo

School Equipment

Being Waingels Ready includes having the correct equipment so that students are ready to learn. There will be some special equipment that different subjects ask you to buy, but as a basic students should have a pencil case that includes:

  • Blue or black writing pens/ biros
  • Pencils and pencil sharpener
  • Ruler
  • Rubber
  • Protractor
  • Pair of compasses
  • Highlighters
  • Scientific calculator (recommended Casio GX-83GTCW)
  • Compulsory green biros for marking and correct own work

Students may also like:

  • Coloured pens/ pencils
  • Glue stick

Equipment List