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Policies and GDPR

Page Documents Date Category  
16-19 Bursary Fund Policy 26th Feb 2021 Policies Download
Admissions Arrangements Policy for 2020/2021 15th Aug 2019 Policies Download
Admissions Arrangements Policy for 2021/2022 10th Jul 2020 Policies Download
Anti-Bullying Policy 28th Jun 2018 Policies Download
Assessment and Reporting Policy 26th May 2017 Policies Download
Careers Policy 12th Dec 2019 Policies Download
Child Protection and Safeguarding Policy 20th Jul 2020 Policies Download
Code of Conduct for Parents, Carers and Visitors Policy 31st Jul 2019 Policies Download
Complaints Policy 20th Aug 2020 Policies Download
Complaints Policy Appendix 3 Concerns or Complaints about Centre Assessed Grades 02nd Sep 2020 Policies Download
Culture & Values Policy Including Behaviour Principles 09th Sep 2019 Policies Download
Draft Attendance Policy Addendum 13th Aug 2020 Policies Download
Drug & Alcohol Education Policy 29th Jun 2018 Policies Download
Educational Visits Policy 01st Jun 2012 Policies Download
Equality and Diversity Policy 12th Jul 2019 Policies Download
Feedback Policy 19th Dec 2019 Policies Download
GDPR- Data Protection Policy 25th May 2018 Policies Download
GDPR- Privacy Notice for Pupils 25th May 2018 Policies Download
GDPR- Privacy Notice for School Workforce 25th May 2018 Policies Download
GDPR- Privacy Notice for Trustees and Governor Members 25th May 2018 Policies Download
Health & Safety Policy 20th Sep 2012 Policies Download
Homework Policy 02nd Dec 2018 Policies Download
ICT and Internet Acceptable Use Policy 19th Mar 2020 Policies Download
Initial Teacher Training Policy 08th Mar 2018 Policies Download
Managing Serial and Unreasonable Complaints 12th Feb 2019 Policies Download
Mental Health and Emotional Wellbeing Policy 26th Jul 2019 Policies Download
Microsoft Teams Usage Policy 17th Jun 2020 Policies Download
NQT Policy 11th Feb 2021 Policies Download
Policy for Grading 2021 30th Apr 2021 Policies Download
Pupil Premium Policy 10th Dec 2020 Policies Download
Reading, Writing, Communication & Mathematics Policy 01st Feb 2015 Policies Download
Relationships and Sex Education Policy 09th Dec 2020 Policies Download
SEND Policy 28th Nov 2018 Policies Download
Social Media Policy 01st May 2017 Policies Download
Teaching and Learning Policy 25th Mar 2021 Policies Download


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A letter has gone home today, please check your inboxes or view on our website here Thank you
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We are excited to announce our Virtual Year 6 Workshops that will be taking place this summer term. The live links can be accessed on our transition webpage here We looking forward to welcoming you😊!
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Very excited Year 8 students who found a spine on the school field today! We think it’s possible from a deer... what does everyone else think?
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If you haven't already, do check out our canteen webpage where you can find menus, pricing, weekly meal plans and allergen information
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We are very pleased to announce our kitchen inspection report this week achieved another food hygiene rating of 5! Well done to Maddy and her team for such a successful report.
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Free, expert advice on guiding your child to a successful career. Tuesday 11th May: Own The Room Power up your child's public speaking skills; vital for any career Wednesday 9th June: Success in the City How to land a top job in the City: law, finance, consultancy and more
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The team from Newman University look forward to meeting you at the event. If you've got questions about our university, our courses or indeed the wider world of Higher Education then drop by our virtual booth😀