Performance and Results

We are extremely proud of our students in Years 11 and 13 and their exam outcomes for 2022. Against a context of over 2 years of continued COVID disruption our students have worked tirelessly and with resilience. They all deserve to be proud of the excellent results they have achieved. We are especially pleased that students at KS4 have achieved above the national average on a number of measures and our Sixth Form outcomes remain very strong for both A Levels and Vocational courses. 

Key Stage 4 Results 2022
Waingels Results National Average (where available)

Progress 8


Our Progress 8 (P8) score, using the latest available data, is


This means on average, every child, in every

P8 subject, achieved nearly one third of a grade higher at Waingels than at an average school.


Attainment 8



English and Maths at Grade 5 or above



English 5+



Maths 5+



English Baccalaureate (EBacc) average point score (APS) 



Percentage of pupils that enter the EBacc



Percentage of pupils staying in education or going into employment after key stage 4 (pupil destinations)

95% (2020 leavers)




Key Stage 5 Results 2022
Progress  ALPS 4
A*-A Grades 35%
A*-B Grades 62.1%
A*-C Grades 80%
A*-E Grades 97.1%
A Level Average Grade B
Vocational Average Grade Distinction -

89% (2020 leavers)

Student progression to higher education or employment

Please click here to view our 16-18 retention measures. 


The Department for Education recommends that when making decisions on which school or college is right for them, parents and students should consider data as part of the wider context and other information sources, in particular speaking to the school or college.


To view more details about the destinations and other performance measures please go to the following link: