Timings of the School Day

Our school day runs from 08:30am until 03:00pm. In a typical week this amounts to 32.5 hours. 

Timings of the School Day

Time Activity
08:30am - 09:30am Period 1
09:30am - 10:30am Period 2
10:30am - 10:50am Break Time
10:50am - 11:50am Period 3
11:50am - 12:50pm Period 4
12:50pm - 13:30pm Lunch Time - ALL YEAR GROUPS
13:30pm - 14:00pm Personal Development Time
14:00pm - 15:00pm Period 5

Changes of Timings to the School Day from September 2023



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@WaingelsCollege - July 11
We are really pleased to announce that our new Waingels PE Kit can now be purchased from Stevensons: https://t.co/UQMg0Hbzry Kit will be available in the Reading branch to try on/purchase from 5th August.https://t.co/QA7TBn3s4x pic.twitter.com/gi0qTCXtHd— Waingels () July 11, 2024
@WaingelsCollege - July 10
Gorgeous afternoon at West Wittering with the Year 12 Geographers collecting beach profiles, measuring groyne drops and sand dune succession 🌞- Miss Heard pic.twitter.com/SJTLDIgRVH— Waingels Geography () July 10, 2024
@WaingelsCollege - July 10
Year 12 students have been working hard on their residential in Brighton this week. On our way to West Wittering for some more coastal fieldwork 🌞🌊 pic.twitter.com/4PfPK0k4dA— Waingels Geography () July 10, 2024
@WaingelsCollege - July 10
A reminder to our Waingels Community that tomorrow is our annual Summer Art Exhibition. We hope to see lots of your there! https://t.co/iQOk3K97pD— Waingels () July 10, 2024
@WaingelsCollege - July 9
Well done to Sophia in Year 9 who wrote a lovely article about the Waingels Careers Fair. have published it in their online paper- you can view it here https://t.co/KAnqkaVeBo— Waingels () July 9, 2024
@WaingelsCollege - July 8
It may not be part of her therapy dog training but this weekend Winnie went for her first swim! She looked like a little otter in the water! She also brought the Humber family a lot of joy❤️ ! pic.twitter.com/n931wQJmdB— Waingels () July 8, 2024
@WaingelsCollege - July 5
Happy Friday everyone! Please see our weekly Online Safety Guide below... Interactive links can be viewed here https://t.co/8fojsduOza pic.twitter.com/zsSZvgMlFe— Waingels () July 5, 2024
@WaingelsCollege - July 4
"The one where there was a silent disco"...Year 13 students celebrated in style at their end of year Prom last night! A fabulous night. Congratulations all 🎉The full array of photographs can be viewed here https://t.co/MFddxbuCGY pic.twitter.com/neOVrSWOad— Waingels () July 4, 2024