Core Curriculum

The curriculum is well sequenced. It builds pupils' knowledge and develops skills for future learning and employment- Ofsted 2023

There are a variety of pathways that students can choose from to best suit their interests and style of learning.

We are excited to be offering opportunities to a diverse range of learners from those aspiring to Oxbridge and other universities to those turning their hand to apprenticeships with students securing degree apprenticeships with top providers. At Waingels, we offer a two-year programme of study. Students can design their own course from their chosen subjects, combining Vocational Level 3 and A Level options, which offer a varied approach to learning.

Our Level 3 pathways include:

  • Three A Levels
  • Three Level 3 BTECs
  • A combination of three A Levels and BTECs

Students can supplement their core programme of study by taking an additional qualification from one of the following:

  • A fourth course for example Further Maths
  • 1 year AS Courses: Spanish, French, German, Art, Drama, Music
  • 2 year Core Maths AS
  • Extended Project Qualification *This is an additional qualification which requires students to complete their own research project. This runs from March Year 12 to March Year 13

Making the Right Choices

The purpose of education is to open doors, and allow our students to pursue passions and interests. It is important that, when making decisions about your Sixth Form courses, you consider a number of things. These may include:

  • Your interest in the subject,
  • The entry requirement of the courses and pathways you may take,
  • The university or further study you are considering, to ensure you are selecting the best subjects for progression.

In making these decisions students should seek advice and guidance from parents, tutors and subject teachers.