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Welcome to Waingels Sixth Form

Waingels enabled me to achieve excellent grades, whilst also developing and growing as an individual. Without a doubt, my time in Waingels Sixth Form has been the best two years of my education- Alumni Student

Welcome to Waingels Sixth Form; a vibrant Sixth Form that welcomes students from our own Year 11 cohort and the wider community alike. We are very proud of what we have to offer.

For 2023 enrolment information please visit our admissions webpage here

By joining Waingels Sixth Form you are becoming part of something special. The Sixth Form community is built on the same values as the rest of the school; Pride, Respect, Kindness and Resilience, however the students that join us each year recognise that the Sixth Form feels distinctly different in that they have more independence, freedom and special privileges. 

Making the leap from Year 11 to Year 12 will be challenging. You will be well supported by our dedicated staff and our transition process that runs from November of Year 11 to October of Year 12. Students in our Sixth Form will experience exceptional teaching and learning, where they are fully engaged and challenged in their lessons, and where teachers support students in making excellent progress.

Our motto Preparing Students for Bright Futures is lived out in the work that we do to provide you with opportunities and support in making your post Sixth Form careers decisions. We provide a tailored ‘Next Steps’ careers programme, underpinned by our online platform UNIFROG. Our Careers Adviser and experienced tutors will help you to devise a personalised career plan that is right for you. We are very proud that the majority of our students go on to university or high-quality apprenticeships.

We very much look forward to welcoming you into our community and being a part of the next chapter of your educational journey.

The Sixth Form Team

Welcome to Waingels Sixth Form- Promotional Film

Waingels College Sixth Form aspires to ensure that every student achieves their full potential. By developing our students social, physical and mental skills, every member of staff is committed to the well-being and academic progress of all. In return, the College expects from our Sixth Form student’s commitment, resilience and desire to succeed. Any intervention and support is designed to support this ethos. The team of staff that will work most closely with students are:

Head of Sixth Form Mrs J Eaglesham
Head of Year 13 Miss S Heard
Head of Year 12 Mrs H Hustler
Key Stage 5 Learning Manager Mrs D Price
Careers Adviser Bonnie Greenaway
SENCO Miss N Street

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@@WaingelsSF - May 5
🆕 New students on a full-time undergraduate course in 2020 to 2021 can now apply for student finance! Find out more: https://t.co/Hvmdt3bUGX pic.twitter.com/TFpNLx4Xvz— Student Finance England () May 4, 2020
@@WaingelsSF - April 22
Please remember to take a look at our 'challenges' web page. These will be refreshed every Monday morning, giving you a week to take up the challenge! https://t.co/sAId1TyK03Email your responses to KeepInTouch.wokingham.sch.uk#BetterNeverStops — Waingels () April 22, 2020
@@WaingelsSF - March 26
lots of opportunities here... 🧠📚 https://t.co/ddFm040ess— Waingels Science () March 26, 2020
@@WaingelsSF - March 24
Year 13 thank you for sending in your photographs from Friday’s Celebration Day. These have been added to our school website. Videos will follow. Check them out here https://t.co/BQWAMyDVA2 pic.twitter.com/i237DjwF67— Waingels Sixth Form () March 24, 2020
@@WaingelsSF - March 24
Don't forget to .wokingham.sch.uk pic.twitter.com/iT0P2caW8h— Waingels () March 23, 2020
@@WaingelsSF - March 21
Mrs Shepherd and Mrs Marshall have been heartbroken to say goodbye to 13C earlier than expected and that they won’t be able to apply all of their hard work these past two years to summer exams. We have loved working with you all so much; to see you all grow.. pic.twitter.com/pmOsGJC2qO— Waingels Geography () March 21, 2020
@@WaingelsSF - March 20
Last minute farewell to our Year 13s this morning. We’ll do it properly when the time is right. Stay well and stay safe and keep exercising your mind, body and spirit. Best wishes from all at Waingels. Take a look at more photos here https://t.co/BQWAMyDVA2 pic.twitter.com/w6sz1aY5gN— Waingels Sixth Form () March 20, 2020
@@WaingelsSF - March 9
Supporting pic.twitter.com/yl3RKcBLZn— Waingels Sixth Form () March 9, 2020