Leaders prioritise safeguarding- Ofsted 2023

Waingels is committed to promoting safe use of online/digital communications by all students, parents and staff.

See links below, which provide a wide range of resources to help you find out about using digital communications and STAYING SAFE ONLINE. 


National Online Safety Guide for Snapchat


National Online Safety Guide for Twitter

Instagram logo icon

National Online Safety Guide for Instagram


National Online Safety Guide for YouTube

1200px TikTok Logo.svg

National Online Safety Guide for TikTok

Reddit logo

National Online Safety Guide for Reddit

Cropped NOS FAVICON 03

National Online Safety Guide- 12 Social Media Tips

Cropped NOS FAVICON 03

National Online Safety Guide for Group Chats

Waingels Weekly Online Safety Guide

Academic Year 2023-2024

Summer Term 2

Issue 25: Friday 7th June 2024


Summer Term 1

Issue 24: Friday 24th May 2024

Issue 23: Monday 20th May 2024

Issue 22: Friday 10th May 2024

Issue 21: Friday 3rd May 2024

​Issue 20: Friday 26th April 2024

Issue 19: Friday 19th April 2024


Spring Term 2

Issue 18: Friday 22nd March 2024

Issue 17: Friday 15th March 2024

Issue 16: Friday 8th March 2024 

Issue 15: Friday 1st March 2024

Issue 14: Friday 23rd February 2024


Spring Term 1

Issue 13: Friday 9th February 2024

Issue 12: Friday 26th January 2024

Issue 11: Friday 19th January 2024

Issue 10: Friday 12th January 2024

Issue 9: Friday 5th January 2024


Autumn Term 2

Issue 8: Friday 1st December 2023

Issue 7: Friday 24th November 2023

​Issue 6: Friday 17th November 2023

Issue 5: Friday 3rd November 2023


Autumn Term 1

​Issue 4: Friday 20th October 2023

Issue 3: Friday 13th October 2023

Issue 2: Friday 29th September 2023

Issue 1: Monday 18th September 2023

Academic Year 2022-2023

Summer Term 2

Issue 26: Friday 14th July 2023

Issue 25: Friday 7th July 2023

​Issue 24: Thursday29th June 2023

​Issue 23: Friday 23rd June 2023

​Issue 22: Friday 16th June 2023

Issue 21: Friday 9th June 2023


Summer Term 1

Issue 20: Friday 26th May 2023

Issue 19: Friday 19th May 2023

​Issue 18: Friday 12th May 2023

Issue 17: Friday 5th May 2023

Issue 16: Friday 28th April 2023

Issue 15: Friday 21st April 2023


Spring Term 2

Issue 14: Friday 31st March 2023

Issue 13: Friday 24th March 2023

Issue 12: Friday 17th March 2023

Issue 11: Friday 10th March 2023

Issue 10: Friday 3rd March 2023

Issue 9: Friday 24th February 2023


Spring Term 1

Issue 8: Friday 3rd February 2023

Issue 7: Friday 27th January 2023

Issue 6: Friday 20th January 2023

Issue 5: Friday 13th January 2023

Issue 4: Friday 6th January 2023


Autumn Term 2

Issue 3: Friday 16th December 2022

Issue 2: Friday 9th December 2022

Issue 1: Friday 2nd December 2022

Misinformation Online

Waingels is committed to promoting the safe use of online/digital communications by all students, parents and staff.

With more people using the internet than ever, fake news (misinformation) continues to spread quickly.  It is often difficult to be able to determine what information is real and what should be treated with caution. This ‘misinformation’ can take many forms, from social media posts to what may look like official news or other online publications.

The below poster aims to offer some guidance on how to handle potential misinformation concerns and how to provide your children with some strategies for forming their own independent conclusions.

Identifying and tackling misinformation is more important than ever and I hope you find the attached guidance useful.

Misinformation Poster



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