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Waingels is committed to promoting safe use of online/digital communications by all students, parents and staff.

See links below, which provide a wide range of resources to help you find out about using digital communications and STAYING SAFE ONLINE. 

Waingels Online Safety Guide


National Online Safety Guide to Snapchat


National Online Safety Guide to Twitter

Instagram logo icon

National Online Safety Guide to Instagram


National Online Safety Guide to YouTube

Whatsapp icon vector

National Online Safety Guide to WhatsApp

1200px TikTok Logo.svg

National Online Safety Guide to TikTok

Cropped NOS FAVICON 03

National Online Safety Guide- 12 Social Media Tips

Cropped NOS FAVICON 03

National Online Safety- 14 ways to be Kind Online



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@WaingelsCollege - September 29
Just over an hour to go until our first live event!
@WaingelsCollege - September 29
Thank you for your message. Please can you email
@WaingelsCollege - September 28
Our first live event starts tomorrow! Please make sure you have signed up here
@WaingelsCollege - September 27
Students set off at 9am after a slow morning making breakfast and checking just how many hilly bits are en route today. Students expected time of arrival at the finishing point to be 2pm with a 3pm pick up time. More pictures to come if I can catch up with the group 🏃‍♂️
@WaingelsCollege - September 27
It seems as though I only remember to take a picture just as they leave. After the lunch stop and embarking on the home leg of the walk - heading into the final wooded section on the way to Yetterdon (Berkshire’s best kept village 1974) 😂 💐 🌷
@WaingelsCollege - September 27
Day 3. Breakfast time. Spirits are high and lots of optimism and laughter in the air.
@WaingelsCollege - September 26
Day 2 complete. The ladies powered their way through and made fantastic progress. A little bit of an earlier finish as a treat. Parents we have brought the pick up time forward to 5pm.
@WaingelsCollege - September 26
Parents of students on the silver trip please check your emails for an update on today’s finish location. I have given over some finer details of today’s finishing location as when I made my way to the finish I discovered that the farm has 2 sites on the same road.