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Waingels is committed to promoting safe use of online/digital communications by all students, parents and staff.

See links below, which provide a wide range of resources to help you find out about using digital communications and STAYING SAFE ONLINE. 

Waingels Online Safety Guide


National Online Safety Guide for Snapchat


National Online Safety Guide for Twitter

Instagram logo icon

National Online Safety Guide for Instagram


National Online Safety Guide for YouTube

1200px TikTok Logo.svg

National Online Safety Guide for TikTok

Reddit logo

National Online Safety Guide for Reddit

Cropped NOS FAVICON 03

National Online Safety Guide- 12 Social Media Tips

Cropped NOS FAVICON 03

National Online Safety Guide for Group Chats

Misinformation Online

Waingels is committed to promoting the safe use of online/digital communications by all students, parents and staff.

With more people using the internet than ever, fake news (misinformation) continues to spread quickly.  It is often difficult to be able to determine what information is real and what should be treated with caution. This ‘misinformation’ can take many forms, from social media posts to what may look like official news or other online publications.

The below poster aims to offer some guidance on how to handle potential misinformation concerns and how to provide your children with some strategies for forming their own independent conclusions.

Identifying and tackling misinformation is more important than ever and I hope you find the attached guidance useful.

Misinformation Poster



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@WaingelsCollege - November 28
Well done to Year 11 students Anastasi, Luthais, Harrison and Fraser who participated in a Bar Mock Trial at Reading Crown Court on Saturday 12th November. The students enjoyed sharing their stories and the preparation involved in taking part in the mock trial with Mrs Humber.
@WaingelsCollege - November 28
A representative from My Journey presented a certificate and a family ticket to any home game, on behalf of Sponsors Reading FC to the winners! Well done all!
@WaingelsCollege - November 28
This initiative through Wokingham Borough Council was designed to inspire sustainable travel behaviour for all local schools to participate in by designing a World Cup Flag Poster.
@WaingelsCollege - November 28
Congratulations to Max B (Year 7), Jamie G (Year 8) and Maria T (Year 10) for being 3 of the 5 ‘My Journey’ winners for the World Cup Flag Competition.
@WaingelsCollege - November 25
Check out our fantastic Children in Need Talent Show video from last week! Thank you to all our wonderful performers and to Sophie in Year 9 for filming and editing this video.
@WaingelsCollege - November 24
Our guide on how to support reading at home is now live on our website here Use it for tips on choosing something to read, how to mirror our reading activities in school, and what to do if your child needs extra support.
@WaingelsCollege - November 24
FAO of students who attend CONCERT BAND Unfortunately this will NOT be running tomorrow. We apologise for any inconvenience caused.
@WaingelsCollege - November 24
Thank you to Invesco for popping in this morning to give our Sixth Form students valuable insight in to apprenticeships offered.