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From September 2020, the Relationships and Sex Education (RSE) aspects of PSHCE education will be compulsory in all schools.

At Waingels College we understand that personal and social development is of great importance to our students. Our PSHCE curriculum aims to keep our children and young people safe, mentally and physically healthy and prepared for life and work.

The PSHCE curriculum is taught in years 7-11 with a focus on three key themes. These are Relationships, Health and Wellbeing and Living in the Wider World. Each theme is relevant and tailored for the specific year group. This curriculum will help them to develop and enhance their personal awareness, have a greater appreciation for other cultures, values and beliefs; and equip our students with the life skills they need when entering the wider community.

Students have a PSHCE lesson once a fortnight for an hour. In addition, they have ‘drop-down’ days were they have more intensive sessions for example in Year 10 we run a Safety in Mind, Body and Attitude (SIMBA Day) during the summer term.

Years 7 & 8

Each term is related to the three key themes of the curriculum. The first will focus on relationships with students in both year 7 and 8 exploring different types of relationships, sexual identity, trust and appropriate behaviours. Students will then move to looking at Health and Wellbeing with the main focus on healthy behaviours, making the right choices and beginning to look at the effects and consequences of social and illegal drugs. Finally, students will move onto the Living in the Wider World unit where they will explore finance, life goals and take part in some project work.

Year 9 – Transition Year

The first term of year 9 will focus on the Relationships theme with a focus on intimacy and sexual relationships. Students will explore the role the media has on relationships and build on students understanding of consent and saying no. Students will then move on to study the Health and Wellbeing topic with the main theme being drugs and addiction. Finally, students will take part in the Living in the Wider World topic and explore money, gambling and options for year 10 and their GCSE’s.

Years 10 & 11

PSHCE will is compulsory in years 10 and 11 with all students taking part in lessons again related to the three key themes. In the first unit, year 10 will predominantly focus on sexual health, pornography and parenthood. Students will then move on to looking at mental health and how to cope in stressful situations, a key focus being on exam stress. Finally, year 10 students will explore government, parliament and voting in the UK through the study of different laws and political ideas.

Year 11 have a shorted PSHCE curriculum. Students will look at a range of topics from drugs and alcohol, sexual norms, LGBT and mental health. Year 11 students will finish the year by looking at diversity and respect in the workplace and reflect on their own goals for further education.

Subject Leader: Miss A Robinson


Ms J Bonney- Head of Religious Studies & Psychology

Miss L Percival

Mrs R Durrant

Mrs S Knights

Mrs C Ward- Director of Sixth Form Studies

Curriculum overview 2020