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Sixth Form Tutors

Tutor Time

Tutor time is compulsory for all of our Sixth Form students and will take place each morning from 8.40 – 9.00am. This is an important time for students as it allows them to establish a routine and prepare to begin learning at 9.00am. During their time in tutor they will focus on organisation and gain support from their tutors in making progress. Our tutors play a very important role in supporting students through the journey of Sixth Form and establishing good relationships which will be particularly beneficial for students in preparing UCAS and apprenticeship applications as tutors will provide a significant amount of support in the application process and are likely to write your personal reference.

Director of Sixth Form- Mrs Claire Ward

Head of Year 13- Mrs Jo Eaglesham

13AGH Mrs Gahir Y012
13AJN Mrs Jenner G101
13LVR Mrs Verhoog Y114
13KTC Mrs Tickner R034
13RSN Mr Sinfield G001

Director of Sixth Form- Mrs Claire Ward

Head of Year 12 - Mr M Pembroke

12SKN Mrs Knights G120
12NMN Miss Mann Y022
12RJE Mr Jewitt Y110
12CHG Mr Hughesdon G102
12EAT Mrs Atkins G114
12IRW Mrs Rowley R007