School Council and Student Voice

Leaders ensure that all pupils, including those with SEND, benefit from the wide range of additional opportunities on offer. Pupils experience different environments and challenges, and learn about topics related to the curriculum- Ofsted 2023


The School Council at Waingels is an active and dynamic part of our school community.  The School Council’s role is to ensure that the views of all students at Waingels are heard, understood and taken seriously. The Head Team lead the School Council, which is made up of Student Representatives from all year groups in the school; this team links the Senior Leadership Team and the Governors with the wider student body.

Every year we open up the application process to all students who would like to join the School Council at Waingels and select 26 students across all year groups. These Student Representatives bring ideas from their respective year groups to fortnightly meetings to discuss how the school could be improved. The Head Team lead these meetings, with the support of Miss English. 

For 2022-2023 our Head Students are Jack and Lumnwi, who will be supported by Deputy Students, Joe (Kindness) and Nova (Pride), supported by our Team Leaders Kimberley (Resilience) and Thomas (Respect). Together they will lead the new School Council, working with student representatives from all year groups, to build on the fantastic work of the outgoing Head Team and School Council, as well as to develop new initiatives to make sure that ‘Better Never Stops’ at Waingels.

Head Team

JackJack: Head Student

My name is Jack, and I am delighted to become one of your Head Students. In this role I have taken on the responsibility of becoming co-head of equality with my fellow Head Student, Lumnwi. I just simply cannot wait for the new year to arrive, so not only I, but we as a Head Team can develop Waingels in every necessary way, as after all, Better Never Stops!



LumnwiLumnwi: Head Student

Hi, I’m Lumnwi and I’m beyond excited to take on the role as one of your Head Students. I’m looking forward to the change that we can hopefully bring about as a team with the help of your valuable input.




JosephJoe: Deputy Head Student (Leader of Kindness)

Hi, My name is Joe and I’m very proud to call myself your new Deputy Head Student and ambassador for Kindness. I’m eager for the new calendar year to commence so I can begin working with teachers and students to reignite the Waingels community spirit!



NovaNova: Deputy Head Student (Leader of Pride)

Hello! My name’s Nova and I’m your Deputy Head Student and Pride ambassador. I’m excited to be your representative for this year and I can’t wait to help Waingels evolve into a more thriving and welcoming community!



KimberleyKimberley: Team Leader (Resilience)

My name is Kimberley and I believe that by taking part in the Head Team I will be able to stay committed to my role as Resilience representative and to the vision of our school. We will grow and work together and aim to improve Waingels as Better Never Stops.



ThomasThomas: Team Leader (Respect)

My name is Thomas and I’m really looking forward to helping this school flourish while representing Respect and making Waingels an even better place.




The School Council plays a pivotal role in sharing student voice at Waingels. Over the last few years Waingels’ School Council and student voice has had a pivotal role in several key developments around the school, including:

  • Introduction of shorts as part of the school uniform
  • Divided recycling bins in the canteen
  • Meat-Free Monday in the canteen
  • Railings around the queuing system outside and inside the canteen
  • Better soap dispensers in the toilets
  • Shelters over the outside areas for break and lunch
  • Improved Wi-Fi throughout the school site
  • More benches around school for use during break and lunch
  • Setting up an e-mail for students to share their ideas & opinions.

In addition to the vital work of the School Council, the Student Voice of the whole school is frequently sought through pupil questionnaires, focus groups and consultation meetings. The results of both of these are fed back to the Principal, his team and the governors, to ensure they are aware of the feelings of students at the school and work best to support them.

If you would like to make a difference, get in touch! You can email the School Council using the link below and follow them on Twitter @VoiceWaingels.  

Email the School Council

Staff Contact: Miss L English