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School Council and Student Voice

Pupils are proud to belong to Waingels College. Ofsted 2018


At Waingels, the voice and opinions of our students are very important to us. We are fortunate to have a very active School Council, who are very involved with a variety of school decisions. The School Council's role is to make sure that the views of every student here at Waingels are heard. The Head Team, together with the Tutor Representatives, link the Senior Leadership Team and the Governors with the rest of the school.

Head Team

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Head Girl






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IMG 8066'Respect' Representative 





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IMG 8070'Resilience' Representative






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'Pride' Representative






Each year 26 students are elected for the School Council. This team have representatives from each year and attend fortnightly meetings to bring forward ideas from the student body about areas of the school that they feel could be improved. The School Council is led by the Senior Student team and overseen by Ms Eden. A number of areas of student life have been improved directly as a result of the work of the School Council, and they are currently working with the canteen manager to improve food options with a real push for healthy eating while being aware of the environment.

Alongside the Student Council, the Student Voice of the whole school is also frequently sought. Again, this focuses on a different area each time and all students are given the opportunity to respond to a survey and then take part in a consultation meeting. The results of both of these are fed back to the Principal, his team and the governors, to ensure they are aware of the feelings of students at the school and work best to support them.   

Some areas where the School Council and Student Voice has made a difference to school life in the last two years:

  • Introduction of shorts as part of the school uniform
  • Divided recycling bins in the canteen
  • Meat-Free Monday in the canteen
  • Railings around the queuing system outside and inside the canteen
  • Better soap dispensers in the toilets
  • Shelters over the outside areas for break and lunch
  • Improved Wi-Fi throughout the school site
  • More benches around school for use during break and lunch
  • Setting up an e-mail for students to share their ideas & opinions.

If you would like to make a difference, volunteer and get your voice heard!

Email the School Council

Staff Contact: Ms R Eden