Catch Up

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Catch up

What is catch up?

The Year 7 catch-up premium is a fund to support pupils who did not achieve the expected standard in reading and/or maths at the end of Key Stage 2.

Waingels received £13,965 in catch-up premium in 2018-19. This additional grant was used:

  • for interventions to narrow the gap by providing intensive literacy and numeracy support and raise the attainment of those students entitled to catch up premium. 
  • to identify concerns and target intervention and support to accelerate progress. 


Year 7 Catch-up intervention programme summary


That all learners arriving at Waingels with below national average scores:

  • Make significant progress towards closing the gap with their peers
  • Will be able to access the Key Stage 3 and 4 curriculum
  • Feel more supported in the transition


Implementation steps

Student data is used to identify students that require additional support.

Selected students are then allocated Literacy or Numeracy support depending on individual needs.

The students begin the phase one intervention.

The intervention is reviewed and then may result in students no longer needed intervention, continuing with the intervention or moving to phase two intervention.

More details can be found in the Catch Up Intervention Programme



  • Learners are better able to access the mainstream curriculum, thereby improving their rate of progress. Where appropriate, this is measurable in internal examinations.
  • Learners increase their self confidence in their attitude to learning, and become more resilient.

COVID Recovery

Waingels Strategy- COVID Recovery Premium

Waingels Recovery Plan 2021-2022

Information & Documentation

Catch up Funding 2019-2020 (Including 2020-2021 Intentional Spends)

Literacy Intervention

Lexia is a software programme designed to support students literacy by continually assessing their progress and adapting to the individual. Students complete a short placement assessment, which allows the programme to decide where a student will start. Students then choose between word study, grammar and comprehension activities. The activities are designed for secondary aged students, and feature short videos and songs explaining key concepts. Students ‘level up’ to show their progression as they improve.

For more information on this then please contact Mrs Jones –Lead Practitioner

Numeracy Intervention

Numeracy catch up support uses the Mathletics, an interactive online maths platform, that many of our students are already familiar with. We find students engage through purpose and built in reward. Mathletics provides learners with the chance to practice and improve their mathematics skills to use through challenges that are relevant. Students are set individual challenges based on their own attainment and then supported through these by our specialist catch up IIP and a team of Sixth Form volunteers. Mathletics then provides in-depth reporting that allows us to track individual students, helping plan for their future.
For more information on this then please contact Mrs Jones- Lead Practitioner