Wider Curriculum

Pupils throughout the school value the wide range of extra-curricular clubs they can go to- Ofsted 2023

Our core curriculum is supported by a range of wider curricular opportunities which enrich students experience at Waingels Sixth Form. These include but are not limited to:


MOOCs or Massive Open Online Courses are short online courses that students can explore to develop independence in their learning and research skills, as well as opportunities to learn more about topics they are interested in. They are provided by UK and International Universities and many are free for students to complete. Students have the opportunity to explore a number of these during their time in Sixth Form and share their findings with their peers.

Enrichment Lessons

In Year 12 all students will take part in a weekly enrichment lesson. The enrichment course covers a range of topics which are designed to support students in their studies, life skills and employability skills. These include lessons on finance, first aid, mental health and resilience, and careers sessions focused on both university and apprenticeships. This is supported with a week of work experience in the Summer Term.

Core PE/Art

In Year 12 all students have 1 hour of recreational activity. Students can choose from a range of PE or Art options.

Leadership and Community Opportunities

Our students in Waingels’ Sixth Form are part of an exciting and vibrant community. Students are given a variety of opportunities to get involved with both the Sixth Form and the wider school.

Each student in Year 12 will complete Community Service in an area of their interest as part of their support for the school community. In addition to this they will work as prefects, supporting the students in the lower school at break and lunch time. According to our students, "Community Service is an integral part of Sixth Form life, and is great to add to your CV and Personal Statement. It broadens your horizons and opens you up to new experiences and opportunities, through taking part in our Reading Buddies Scheme, becoming a Prefect, Academic Mentor, or being on the Anti-Bullying Committee."

Extended Project Qualification In Year 12 students are given the opportunity to take the Level 3 Extended Project Qualification. Students who elect to take the course in March of Year 12 have the chance to complete a project in an area of interest, under the supervision and guidance of mentors. It is a fantastic opportunity for students to experience the style of learning they will adopt at university and it is looked favourably upon by many universities. We have achieved an ALPS 2 or 3 for the past three years placing our students in the top 25% in the country, reflective of the high quality work produced by these students.

Our students are also offered a host of opportunities to develop their independence, explore their career options, engage in sport or performance and develop their expertise in their chosen subjects.

These opportunities include but are not limited to:

  • Subject specific trips
  • Work experience
  • Reading Scholars Programme
  • Oxbridge Scholars Programme and application support
  • Subject master classes at Wellington College
  • Bar Mock Trial
  • Debating events
  • National Citizen Service
  • Venture Force
  • Duke of Edinburgh
  • Model United Nations
  • Interact Club, linked with our local Rotary Club
  • Paid Canteen work
  • Extended Project Qualification

EPQ Alumni Student Testimonials 

Giorgia Morettin graduated Waingels in 2018 with an A* in EPQ alongside an A* in Italian, A in Maths and Spanish and a B in Further Maths. She went on to Lancaster University to study Maths and is currently applying for a research based internship in Switzerland. Having a passion for Physics Giorgia decided to focus on this for her EPQ as it was not one of the subjects she chose for A Levels. Within this project Giorgia researched the theoretical Physics of others and used this to explore the expansion of the universe, concluding with an impressive and engaging presentation on her findings. She has since been able to draw on the research skills she used for this project and has credited her project as the start of her interest in a career in research. Her project will be used as evidence for her upcoming applications and we wish her the best of luck in securing her internship.

“The EPQ has allowed me to completely satisfy my curiosity for topics beyond those covered in the school curriculum. It is a great opportunity to spend time diving into anything which fascinates you and develop the skills to understand how to form yourself independently by researching into the chosen topic. The amazing support I received allowed me to learn how I can identify the best resources. Furthermore I was able to use my creativity with approaching a new topic in different ways, leveraging my existing skills. It is a long journey but it feels so rewarding to share in the presentation all you have been passionately working on for a whole year!”

Giorgia Morettin


Lydia Owen has always been passionate about architecture and at GCSE and A level she chose subjects that supported this aspiration. Taking on the EPQ Lydia was focused on doing a project that incorporated architecture in some way. During the process of narrowing down her project Lydia settled on a project to investigate the effectiveness of the architectural design of Waingels. Following extensive research, which included feedback from staff and students, Lydia presented her finding to the school’s leadership team and Governors and her research was instrumental to many of the changes that have been made throughout the school in recent years. Changes have been made to ensure that it is used to maximise student engagement in learning for example dividing some of the open classrooms and using glass for the new classroom in red and yellow zone to maximise the amount of natural light that comes through the building. With an A* for her EPQ project and Graphics, and A in Psychology and a B in Maths Lydia went on the Oxford Brooks University to train as an architect. In 2021 she graduated with a first class hons in BA Architecture and has started a new job at a local architecture firm.  

"For me, completing an EPQ allowed me to expand an interest of mine outside of my school subjects; which ultimately led to my choice of university course. In retrospect, researching and writing an extensive project prepared me for the types of assignments, and independent working that I experienced at university."

Lydia Owen


Emilia Harrison graduated from Waingels in 2020 with an A in Psychology, an A in Business and a B in Spanish. During her time with Waingels she pushed herself out of her comfort zone to run for the Head Team which paid off when she was given a much deserved position as ‘Head of Kindness’. Emilia had a keen interest in Law and completed her Sixth Form work experience in a local solicitors which fuelled her ambition, also taking part in the extra curricular activity that Waingels offer the ‘Bar Mock Trial’, culminating with a day at Reading Crown Court where she was awarded 10/10 by the Judge for her closing statement. These experiences together with her enthusiasm to learn have now led her to start a  Law degree at Cardiff University.