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Waingels Challenges- Week 7

Thursday 11th June 2020

STEM: Sundial Challenge

This week’s STEM challenge is all about patience. The last few months have been a massive test of how patient we are – waiting to see families and friends, waiting to be able to do some of our favourite activities again, being patient with those we live with……

So for this week’s challenge you will need to show a lot of patience in order to complete the challenge! Please do send us your pictures of how you get on.

Throughout the ages, people, animals and even plants have been using the sun to tell time. The Earth revolves around the sun at a constant speed. On the Earth, it looks like the sun rises in the East and then sets in the west, moving across the sky in a predictable way. With a sundial, you can use the sun to reliably tell time throughout the day.



· stick

· rocks or chalk

· 1 cup of playdough (optional)

· watch or clock

1. Find a sunny spot in a lawn or even on a sidewalk.

2. Put the stick in the ground. If it is a sidewalk, put the stick in the playdough and use that to hold the stick upright on cement.

3. Throughout the day, place a rock, or mark with chalk for each hour indicating where the shadow falls at that time. Depending on your time, you may have to place rocks over a couple of days before your sundial is complete.