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Waingels Challenges- Week 3

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Week 3: Monday 27th April 2020

Our word this week is: PROBLEM SOLVING

Monday 27th April marks the start of National Gardening Week. The Royal Horticultural Society event is calling on gardeners up and down the country to go out into gardens or balconies as a way to look after their physical health, wellbeing and 'keep gardening'. Especially important for those spending more time at home at the moment as it's great mood boosting exercise.

Why not share some pictures with us of you in your gardens? How many species of plants can you name? Are there any you can’t identify and would like some help with? How much weeding can you do in one hour? Have you planted anything since lock down started?

If you don’t have a garden why not combine your daily exercise with some plant spotting? Where is the biggest tree on your walk/run/cycle? How old do you think it is?

Enterprise Challenge

Top Secret Galaxy Spy Agency

Literacy Challenge

Word of the Week: Puzzle

  • Make your own jigsaw puzzle for someone else to complete.
  • How many words can you find which rhyme with “puzzle”?
  • Write a poem about a puzzle.
Numeracy Challenge


In this puzzle, you need to work together to find a way of swapping some red and blue frogs arranged in a line.​

Watch the video for an introduction, or scroll down to have a go. 

Alternatively, here are some instructions on how to play. 

Can you find a way to swap the red and blue frogs, without ever going backwards?

You can use the interactive environment here or explore with counters.

Experiment with different numbers of red and blue frogs.

Can you always swap the frogs over without having to move any frogs backwards?

Can you swap the frogs over when the number of red and blue frogs is not the same?


Can you predict how many moves it will take you?

Can you see any patterns in the sequence of moves that it takes to swap the frogs over?

Can you explain why those patterns occur?


Can you describe a method for swapping all the frogs over in the minimum number of moves?

Frogs is based on a mathematical game called Toads and Frogs. Solving this puzzle builds important problem solving skills, such as working systematically and looking for patterns.

STEM Challenge

Hanging Crystals

You will need:

  • Two jars
  • A string of wool
  • Water
  • Two paper clips
  • Small plate
  • Bi-carbonate of soda
  1. Fill the two jars with hot water. Stir in about six teaspoons of bicarbonate soda, until no more will dissolve (this is when even after stirring a layer of bicarbonate forms at the bottom of the jars). The water will fizz but this is ok!

  2. Tie a paper clip to each end of the piece of wool and place each end in each jar. Place the plate under than hanging string to catch any falling crystals.

  3. Leave the jars for a week. Crystals will grow along the wool and hang down over the plate.


    (Credit: Learning 4 Kids)

    What is happening here?

    The bicarbonate solution is soaked up by the wool and moves along it.  When the water evaporates, all that is left are the bicarbonate soda crystals .  The hanging crystals are formed when the mixture starts to drip from the wool and evaporate.

    Problem solving…

    Could you find out how to make the biggest crystals? Does where you leave the experiment make a difference? Does the type of wool affect it? Let us know how you get on...

Music Challenge

Music 1Music 2
Drama Enrichment

Every week there are productions being streamed for all ages across the Internet for free!

Follow @PerfArtWaingels on twitter to keep up to date with the latest performances and plays.

Week ALL   NT Live  Shows Must Go On

Make your own Puppetry

English Challenge

The Young Walter Scott Prize