Bugsy Malone Production

In a burst of talent and creativity, Waingels recently brought the roaring twenties to life with our spectacular production of ‘Bugsy Malone: The Musical’. The school’s hall was transformed into Fat Sam’s dazzling speakeasy, complete with flapper dresses, braces and the unmistakable scent of excitement in the air.

The musical, set in the 1920s, is a unique production where the cast and musicians was completely made up of students ranging from Years 8 -13, giving the classic story a nod back to the original movie which included an all-teenage ensemble. The iconic characters of Bugsy Malone (Toby, Year 10), Tallulah (Amy, Year 10 and Freya, Year 8), Blousey (Ava, Year 8 and Sanjana, Year 9), Fat Sam (Alex, Year 10 and Josh, Year 8) and Dandy Dan (Ruby, Year 11 and Grace, Year 10) were portrayed with such charisma and passion, showcasing the aspiring talent within Waingels.

The energy onstage was constantly electric, as the cast seamlessly blended acting, singing and dancing. The musical’s infectious tunes, composed by the legendary Paul Williams and played by our wonderful house band led by the glorious Miss Mann and Mrs Dunsmoir, had the audience tapping their feet and humming along. From the opening number ‘Bugsy Malone’ to the show stopping finale ‘You Give a Little Love’, the cast’s dedication to their roles was evident in every note.

The production crew, consisting of the wonderful Sixth Form students Dan and Joe, Miss Bartlett, Mr Marlow & Joe (Year 11) deserved the massive applause they received every night for their tech help; transporting the audience to the gritty streets of New York. The creative use of lighting and detailed props added depth to each scene, enhancing the overall immersive experience for the audience.

One standout element of the Waingels production was the dedication to finding the cast’s costumes. The cast shimmered in sequined flapper dresses, dapper suits, and fedoras that wouldn’t be out of place in the gangster musical of the era. The attention to detail not only paid homage to the time period but also showed the teacher’s massive dedication in their strive to make this musical perfect.

The musical’s Director, Mrs Crang, expressed her pride in the cast and crew, emphasizing the months of hard work and collaboration that went into bringing Bugsy Malone to life. She commended us for our resilience and teamwork, highlighting the valuable lessons we learnt through the demanding processes of putting on a musical production.

The parents, friends and school staff members that attended the show were treated to three consecutive evenings of entertainment that showcased the incredible talent of Waingels’ young performers. Bugsy Malone: The Musical not only entertained but has also inspired a new generation of actors, leaving a wonderful mark on the school’s theatrical legacy. In conclusion, Waingels’ production of Bugsy Malone was a resounding success, capturing the spirit of the 1920s whilst showcasing the immense talent and dedication of its student performers. The lively songs, captivating performances, and attention to detail transported the audience back in time, making each night a night to remember for everyone involved.

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