World Book Day Celebrations

From Monday 4th – Friday 8th March, Waingels celebrated World Book Day across the entire week.

On Wednesday 6th March, after the school day there was a book folding workshop in the Reading Room where students and staff brought their own books to fold the pages, creating interesting shapes and patterns with the pages. Participants were taught a
variety of basic patterns. A book with approximately 300 words worked well.

Then on Friday 8th March, the Reading Room hosted something called a ‘Reading Café’. The Café, looked like a café with its chequered table cloths but surprisingly it didn’t actually serve food, only books. When you entered, you were given a menu. On it, it had 3 courses, starter, main and dessert, where you could write the title of the book, the author, genre and a reason why you chose the book. You’re chosen books would then be delivered to you at your table.

During the World Book Day week, we had a bunch of competitions. There was a competition called “And then the Dragons Came”, which was essentially where students and staff could submit the first sentence of their favourite book, then after the sentence you would add “and then the dragons came,”. We had some really comical answers, Mrs Jones has kindly shared some examples..
"What's that noise?" said Mrs Hogget, sticking her comfortable round red face out of the kitchen window. And then the dragons came...

I thought it would be the best Christmas ever… and then the dragons came…

In the cozy study of his home, Hans Christian Andersen was busy writing at his desk. And then the dragons came...

Another competition for all years was something called the ‘Shelfie’ competition, where in your Personal Development group you had to guess which bookshelf belonged to which staff member. It was fun and surprisingly difficult!
A competition that was only for Key Stage 3 students was to design a book nook. This was done during KS3 Reading Room English lessons and students designed their ideal book nook for the Reading Room.

Overall, World Book Day is a great celebration and there was a wide variety of activities for everyone to get involved with!