Year 7 Careers and Enterprise Day

Our Year 7 students took part in their first Careers and Enterprise day at Waingels in November. Students take part in one of these each year, which is tailored to the needs of each year group. The Year 7 day focusses on teamwork, communication and problem solving. The students were set an environmental challenge which they worked on throughout the day. At the end of the day, students presented their ideas, and a winning team was chosen.

Below are some comments from the Year 7 students about the day:

"Was great to be with my tutor group for the day and I enjoyed the activities."

"I liked watching everyone’s performances." "Working with new people."

"I liked being able to get creative and make things…"

"Enterprise day was probably one of the best days I have had at Waingels because I feel that I have learned a lot more skills."

"It was a really fun experience and I hope to do Enterprise day again."

The winning team was from 7A with the team from 7L being highly commended.

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