Student Becomes a Published Author

71S1XYKrxhL. AC UF1000,1000 QL80 Leonie, a student in Year 11 decided to write a fantasy and adventure book for children aged Year 6 and above called . The book is based on a boy called Ethan going on an adventure, discovering new things whilst keeping the world intact. Leonie started writing her book at the age of 13. What inspired her was that she wanted to do something different and also wanted to follow her own ideas and not what others thought of her. The book took her approximately two years. A few months after she began writing stories, she realised that she wanted to be an author, and this is what inspired her to write 'The Last Nightshifter'. Leonie knows you will enjoy the book as she stayed away from the stereotypes in stories and tried to mix it up, writing something you wouldn’t expect. The moral of the story is that you think before you act. When you click this link, you will be able to go straight to the Amazon website page, where you can order a copy and are also be able to read the first few chapters of the book. Leonie dedicated a lot of time and money for this book and knows you will enjoy it.