Year 11 Microsoft Interview Day

In February Year 11s were given the opportunity to experience what a real-life interview with a large company would be like. We were shown what is expected of us leading up to and during the interview. We had time during tutor to practice our skills and build CVs that would impress our interviewers. On Friday 10th February each of us was given a time slot in which we had to attend a one to one interview with staff from Microsoft. We were expected to be dressed in formal attire, some students chose to wear suits, others formal dresses. Picking my outfit in the morning was one of the most stressful parts as I had no idea what to wear! We were asked questions based on our CVs we submitted and were treated as if we were applying for a real position. All students had to wait outside until we were called in, at this point I was feeling really nervous but also quite excited as I wanted to enjoy the experience! Once the interview was over I did feel a sense of relief but pleased that I had done it and I did the best that I could.

At the end of the day all students were gathered into the Main Hall for a final assembly. Students who had performed the best in the interviews, were celebrated and rewarded with a day at Microsoft HQ and certificates were presented. The aim of this experience was to help students feel more confident in the future when applying for a job and to make sure we know what will be expected of us in the interview process. Even the students who were not selected, were emailed personalised feedback based on the interviewers impressions of the individual. This gave us an idea of how to improve and do better in actual real-life interviews later on. 

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