Media Team Receive Reward Badges

On Thursday 19th January, the Media Team were invited to have hot chocolate and a biscuit with Mrs Humber in her office. This invitation was so Mrs Humber could present our special recognition ‘Media Team’ badges for contributions to school projects. I will be writing about what we do in the Team, what it was like to receive our new badges and if you’re interested, how you can get involved in being part of the Media Team.

What we do in the Media Team is that we do all things Media related, so for example we can write articles, take photographs at school events, interview people and many more things. My role in the group is to write some of the articles you see in the newsletters and to also conduct interviews with students who have done really well in a specific area, for example sports, and perhaps achieved really good awards.

There are other jobs involved within the team, such as taking photos at school events, editing videos and creating the student bulletin which is emailed to students every week and just recently is now on Satchelone. We also sometimes make posters, produce marketing materials and do creative film videos.

I have been part of the Media Team since Year 7 and have loved every bit of it. I have had the pleasure of writing many articles, met new people through joining the team and interviewing different people that I never met before I conducted the interview. When we had hot chocolate with Mrs Humber, she gave us our Media Team badges that we wear proudly on our blazers. We were awarded them for our hard work and dedication toward our roles in the Media Team. It felt really special to receive our badges, giving us a sense of pride, but also for our extracurricular dedication and teamwork.

Mrs Humber said that she was very proud of our work that we do and that we do an amazing job. She also said for us to keep up the good work. It is very fun to be part of the team because we have lots of great activites to take part in. If you want to get involved in the Media Team, you can email Miss Yiannapas about taking part. Here is her email: YiaMYN@waingels.wokingham. sch.uk but unfortunately we are full at the moment but she is happy for you to join the waiting list until a space becomes available.