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Chinese & German Teacher Exchange

It has been another busy term for the Languages department! As our exam classes are busily preparing for their forthcoming speaking exams we have also managed to be involved in a range of activities which have included visiting local primary schools and welcoming colleagues from all over the world.

This half term, we were absolutely delighted to welcome Ella Witte from Hannover in Germany. As part of the UK-German Connection, Ella spent three weeks at Waingels; leaning what life in a British school is like, as well as enriching the cultural awareness of our students. Ella has worked across all Key Stages with students having the opportunity to talk 1:1 with her – putting their language skills to the test. We thoroughly enjoyed having Ella in our department – we wished she could have stayed longer! For full interview with Ella please see below.

As part of our long-standing partnership with Reading University, we were delighted to be able to welcome a group of 8 visiting teachers from China. During their visit, they spent time observing lessons both in Languages and in other subject areas. The highlight for our students was the opportunity to learn some Mandarin. The Chinese visitors are always very complimentary about our students and this year was no exception. 

Interview with Ella

Q: Good morning, I'm Harry from the school press team, tell us about the exchange programme?

A: I got offered the chance at my school in Germany, and I decided to go for it and apply. I had to complete all the relevant checks and fill in a lot of forms, but I am here now so I think that it all went okay.

Q: What have you got up to whilst you’ve been in England?

A: Well, the exchange is for three weeks so I’ve been able to do quite a lot. I’ve been into Woodley, Reading, Oxford and London; I really enjoyed them all for different reasons.

Q: Talking more specifically about Waingels, what have you been doing within the school?

A: I’ve been lucky enough to join some classes, including some smaller groups. The students are very interested in my village and about German culture generally, and I help them with their studies.

Q: Will Waingels complete the exchange Ella Interview by having a team go to Germany for some time?

A: I invited the whole language department to join me at my school in my village, near Hanover. I think they would really like it there, it is a nice place, actually Woodley itself reminds me of it quite a lot.

Q: A final question, you are sitting on the plane on the way home, you look out the window, what will be your abiding memory of your time at Waingels.

A: That’s a hard question, because I have so many memories! Probably, the pleasant atmosphere, everyone here has been so friendly and polite from the students to the staff, I would really like to come back next year. I still have a Fish and Chips from the canteen on Friday to look forward to as well!






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