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Nostalgia Night

On the 27th March, the choir, as it is currently, performed their last concert together. Already set up to be an emotional night, this was only heightened by the abundance of sad songs, meaning there was no shortage of teary eyes. A lot of the leavers were Year 11s who had been a part of the group since Year 7, having all grown and developed together it’s no surprise the choir became as close-knit as it did, and will no doubt continue to be, just without a few members.

While the choir and band may have been dressed formally, the evening was obviously relaxed. It wasn’t about perfection, just having fun together for one last show, entirely in the hands of singers and instrumentalists. This atmosphere was made most clear with “The Sandwich Song,” sung and played on piano by two GCSE music students, who created it when they were tasked with writing their own pop song, it vividly captured the tragedy of dropping your sandwich on the floor. The band together played a collection of upbeat sea shanties, and the choir sang some of their favourite songs from throughout the ages. With only a couple of weeks’ practice, and songs dug out from the depths of time, it wasn’t aiming to be flawless, but it was still a good show and a very enjoyable evening.

There were several solos from both singers and instrumentalists, each having an impact on both the audience and performers sat around the stage. By the end, a packet of tissues was being passed around. Despite this, there were still smiles come the final song, and the evening proved to be the best way to celebrate an end of an era. Photos and videos can be found here.

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