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A Final Day for Year 11 Students

On Friday 10th May we celebrated the achievements of our Year 11 students with preparations for their GCSE exams. Students attended revision mastery sessions in core subjects before all coming to the canteen for sweets, doughnuts and shirt-signing. It was lovely to see all Year 11 spreading messages of positivity and good luck to each other, together as a community. After this, we all went into the hall for our final celebration assembly, including subject commendations and sports awards; students cheered each other on, celebrating each other’s hard work and achievements. 11RZ2 reigned victorious as the winners of the Tutor Cup! Year 11 clapped and whooped for students receiving awards, for which they had all voted, including ‘Most likely to travel the world’ and ‘Most likely to become PM’. As Head of Year 11, I told them just how proud I was of them all, wished them luck with their exams, and expressed what a pleasure it has been working with them over the last few years. All in all, it was a fantastic event and just shows the excellent school spirit at Waingels.

The first two weeks of exams have been tough but I am glad to report that Year 11 students have shown tremendous resilience and determination to succeed. They have arrived promptly, fully equipped and ready to face their exams with positivity. Students have made the most of the revision sessions put on by subject teachers and they have worked well independently in the study room set aside for them. Such maturity and self-management will serve them well through the rest of the exam period, as well as their future studies and careers.

No matter whether they are joining us in the Sixth Form or embarking on courses and apprenticeships elsewhere, we at Waingels wish all of our Year 11 students the best of luck for the future. Keep smiling Year 11 and we’ll see you for more celebrations at Prom!





Written by Miss L English