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Welcome from the Principal

Mr Bartlett

Principal, Mr T Bartlett

Welcome to Waingels, where we aim to be an exceptional school, at the heart of our community where Better Never Stops.

I am sometimes asked what we mean by Better Never Stops. For us it means that we will never rest on our laurels, indeed we – all of us – students, staff and Governors - will always be restless – striving to be better tomorrow than we are today. This means that we are constantly focused on ensuring we create the best possible learning climate that nurtures our young people and allows their natural talents and curiosity to ignite, grow and flourish.

We are very fortunate that our buildings already provide the perfect setting for our students learning journey. Completely rebuilt in 2010 following a multi-award-winning design, our buildings are modern, spacious, light, technology-rich and built entirely out of wood. There is a strong community focus – each of our four main blocks has a central forum staircase, and the buildings face inwards to our courtyard – filled with trees whose leaves follow the seasonal colours of the buildings – Green, Yellow, Red and Brown.

Waingels is a comprehensive school and we offer a broad and balanced curriculum, effectively differentiated and enriched to meet the needs of all students regardless of their background, advantage and ability. Our curriculum evolves and is agile to respond to the needs of our students.

There is a long tradition of academic excellence at Waingels with many of our students achieving outstanding examination results and attending top universities. Approximately 60% choose to stay on after Year 11 in our Sixth Form and the vast majority of these choose to go on to university and to prestigious apprenticeships with Microsoft and Deloitte to name but two.

However, we define the outcomes for our students in much more than just examination grades. Our students make above average progress from their various starting points and we provide a wide range of extra-curricular opportunities to enable them to develop their team work, leadership, problem solving, communication and creative skills. Our students leave us with a tool-kit of skills and qualifications, ready to grasp the opportunities and embrace the challenges that the world will inevitably present them with.

And our culture - the way we do things - is based on the values of Respect, Kindness, Resilience and Pride.

  • Respect: for self, respect for the rule of law and respect for each other: recognising, celebrating and respecting diversity and difference.
  • Kindness: We never know the journey another person has travelled, so be kind to everyone. We want to play our part in ensuring our students appreciate the many privileges they have and that they are kind and considerate for those with less.
  • Resilience: that we ask students to embrace challenge, to take risks, engage and participate. To accept and learn from failure and to bounce back with renewed vigour and energy to have another go and keep trying.
  • Pride: we want our students to be proud of themselves and of each other – their effort, appearance and achievements and proud to belong to our school community.

James Stanford Alumni ProfileThe students, staff and governors at Waingels are proud of our school and we would be happy to welcome you if you would like to come and have a closer look.

Tom Bartlett




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