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New Community System

I am delighted to share the launch of our new Community System, where it will provide further opportunities for our Year 7,8 and 9 students to collaborate, lead and compete. Students have now received an email with their allocated Community – Birch, Hazel, Lime, Maple, Oak and Willow, as the tree theme resonances with the history of Waingels Copse. The mini-marathon was the first event and it was great to see students not only display a sense of Pride to represent and achieve points for their Community, but also
raise money for three local charities. Throughout the year, there will be opportunities to participate not only in sporting events but also other activities linked to subjects across the school including a Drama Festival, Flag Quiz in Geography and Great Waingels Bake Off! The points accumulated throughout the year will lead to the grand finale – Sports Day! Please checkout the Community System webpage here for further information.