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Personal Development Goals

We are extremely proud of how our Waingels students (particularly in Year 7 and 8) have been reaching for their Personal Development Goals.
In Year 7 we have many students that have achieved Bronze, 2 on Silver and 1 on Gold! Year 8 are smashing it with 15 students on Bronze, 4 on Silver and 2 on Gold!! We also have our first badges in Year 9. Students have written articles and quizzes for their classes as well as planning charity events. Below is an article written by Franklin in Year 8, aiding him to achieving one of his Personal Development Goals.

“My Personal Development Goals experience was very positive, I was determined to go the extra mile to get Gold. I knew that getting the Gold badge would be challenging because activities such as ‘Help out in an extra – curricular club for Year 7’ would require you to persevere. Personally, I found the charity event very difficult because it would be essential for brainstorming and planning. However, the ‘Plan an activity for a lesson’ was very easy. This was because, I was confident in my ability to present things and to plan them.”

“If you are going for Gold, start out with the easier tasks such as ‘Complete the personality quiz on Unifrog’ and ‘Send an email to a teacher asking for help or support’ is
better. This is just because they may help you get in the flow of things, and it gets them out of the way. After doing this you should climb up the ranks until you reach challenging
ones such as: ‘Attend an extra – curricular club for half a term’ and ‘Volunteer at an afterschool event’. I think these ones are harder because they need commitment. All in all, I think my experience as a whole was very positive.”

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