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International Women's Day

On Monday 9th March as a school, we celebrated International Women’s Day. This involved wearing something purple to show our support. All staff wore a sticker with the name of an inspirational woman of their choosing and hung a poster on their door with the name of an inspirational woman and why they are an inspiration to them. The purpose was to get everyone talking, asking questions and to ensure boys and men were involved in those conversations. One of the main questions we as staff were asked was “Why is there International Women’s Day” and “Why isn’t there an International Men’s day?”.

A tutor programme was put together by Ms Robinson which set about answering these questions. During registration, tutees looked at the stereotyping of girls, such as “girls don’t do STEM”, they also looked at sexist language such as “throw like a girl” and what impact this has. They also covered sexual harassment and how this is a “normal” aspect of society but questioned should it be?

There was a real buzz around the school, with many pupils saying the day was just the beginning…

Written by Mrs R Legg

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