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STEM Careers Day

On Friday 24th January we held our second STEM Careers Day. We were delighted to welcome over 30 professionals from diverse areas of expertise such as the nuclear
industry, neuroscience, accountancy and an amazing number of engineers. Students in Years 10-13 spent their time “speed dating” 3 different professionals giving them a chance to discuss careers they are interested in and indeed those that they know less about. Rebecca gives her views on the event here:

“During one of our Science lessons we were given the opportunity to meet people who had jobs in the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) field. This allowed us to broaden our understanding of STEM Careers. There seems to be a lot of
assumptions surrounding STEM Careers, people typically think of STEM as being a doctor or something along the sorts. This allowed us to discover other potential careers."

"In my case I met a chemist who tests conventional materials to see their suitability for nuclear weapons as well as someone who is researching Cilia (cell hairs) for the Government. From a Year 12 perspective it was incredibly useful and a pleasant reminder that there are so many different jobs and roles out there. As someone who attended this event in Year 11, I can say that it helps when trying to choose your potential A Level or BTEC courses.”

Myself and Mrs Chislett would be delighted to hear from any parents who work in STEM related careers if you would be interested in taking part in this event or any other careers events in the future.

*For photos from this event please see here