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Year 7 Student Reaches National Dance Final

96563Congratulations to Year 7 student Isabel, on her excellent performance at the recent National Dancing Competition at the famous Winter Gardens in Blackpool. Not only did she perform well in the Latin discipline, placing second, Isabel finished first in her category in the Ballroom competition! Her success in Blackpool comes after impressive performances at Regional Competitions throughout the year, which qualified her for the
National Competition.

It's safe to say her six-day-week training schedule has payed off. Isabel said "At the Nationals you only know if you've advanced to the next round once they've called your number out to perform, so it's pretty nerve racking waiting for that announcement". Due to the level of dance that Isabel is at, she has no idea what dance she will be required to partake in until they pick it out of a hat! Isabel was selected for Waltz, Tango, Samba and Rumba.

A long day for the dancers starts at 8 o'clock in the morning, and the circuit across the year requires a lot of travelling and dedication. When I asked what first inspired her to dance she responded, "Strictly", sporting a glowing smile. And that is where her ambitions are for the future - to enter the world of professional dancing. But for now, dancing remains a hobby for the ever-keen Isabel, and one she has great success in!