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Media Team

Here at Waingels, there are always so many amazing opportunities and events going on, and sometimes it can be hard to keep up. That’s why we have created our Waingels Media Team, made up of all year groups, to keep you in the know of all the latest news whether it be on social media, our school website, in our school magazine, through our half termly newsletters or on our internal TV screens.


You may have seen our newsletters floating around, these are written by the students and staff collaboratively meaning that everything you read is coming straight from the source. To view our whole school newsletters please click here.

Photography and Videography

Being part of the Media Team is not just about writing, it's also about capturing the moment in a photo. We have a number of students in the team that regularly help out with taking photographs at school events to support our articles for the newsletter or magazine as well as creating short videos. To view our photo gallery please click here. Some of the videos can be found on our YouTube channel here

Not only is it great fun being part of the Media Team, but it's also a fantastic way to work on your journalistic talent, digital media skills, and creative writing. This makes it an incredible experience to put on your CV or UCAS application! If you want to get involved, you can email us at, or speak to Miss Yiannapas.

Examples of work created by our Media Team

Local Newspaper Features 

(Full links to articles can be found here)

Chinese New Year Article

End Polio Now   crocus planting


Safe Drive Stay Alive 2


Newsletters(Full links to newsletters can be found here)

Please click here to view Year 12 student, Jess's Eid Newsletter (designed and edited)

Please click here to view Year 10 student, Sargun's Chinese New Year Newsletter (designed and edited)


Capture 2

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