Primary Outreach

We continuously strive to improve our curriculum and strengthen our relationship with the local community. We are delighted to be welcoming a new team of Lead Practitioners, who are committed to building stronger links with our local primary schools. This year, we are offering a number of exciting opportunities for your students to take part in activity days at Waingels, and to take advantage of our outreach workshops. We look forward to both working with, and learning from you, to better support students as they transition to Waingels.

KHTKatherine Heaton- Whole School Lead Practitioner






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Title: Breaking News

Year Group: 5

Activity:  This is a session where students investigate a stolen diamond by finding clues and making inferences to discover the motives to uncover the thief!

Feedback: “A worthwhile and fun experience for our children” “a magical experience”

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Title: Code Breaking

Year Group: 4

Activity: We have intercepted coded messages between two criminals planning a robbery and need your help to crack the codes and gather the information to allow us to prevent the crime. – A code breaking adventure for Year 4s, with a range of different levelled challenges for students to complete and as a group find all the information needed to piece the planned crime together. They will need to not just translate known codes but use problem solving to solve other messages and use clues found in previous problems to solve later challenges.

Feedback: "they all had such a good time, the content was appropriate and well-judged for the ability. All the children were engaged and hooked in from the start"

"All I can say is thank you for taking the time to plan and deliver such a well thought out lesson for our children. Ps they all loved that you were dressed up!"


Title: Exciting Weather

Year Group: 4 & 5

Activity: Students explored the causes and impact of weather phenomenon including the Great British heatwave 2018 and Moore Tornado 2013 in the USA. They were encouraged to think like Waingels Geographers, identifying the economic, social and environmental impact and comparing them to other weather phenomenon.


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