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Pastoral Care

Staff, parents and carers agree that pupils are safe at school. Ofsted 2018

Key aspects of our pastoral support work are to equip students to thrive as individuals in a rapidly changing world; to enable them to be resilient and resourceful and to maintain a culture in which students are respectful to staff and kind to each other. We work closely with families in support of students’ learning and we strive to ensure the school is a safe environment. 

Our pastoral structure includes a Head of Year whose primary role is to care for students, in the widest sense, overseeing their progress and development in school. 
Each child is allocated to a tutor group of approximately 30 students. Each tutor group has a base where they meet their tutor every morning. Tutors run a programme of personal, social and cultural activities alongside close monitoring of student progress and some personal mentoring. 

Our annual assembly programme offers opportunities for collective reflection, sharing of values and stimulus on important cultural, social and curricular topics. 



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@WaingelsCollege - October 23
Cake Sale raising money for Thames Hospice this Friday. Please bring some spare change.
@WaingelsCollege - October 23
The amazing is offering a tour of the science museum as a lot in a fundraising auction AND a separate tour for free for a lucky family who send her an email..... see her tweets below 🎉🧪🔭🦠🔬🧲
@WaingelsCollege - October 23
Current fundraising effort stands at £1006! With a few bids still to be collected... an amount way beyond our expectations, go team!! 🎉🎉
@WaingelsCollege - October 23
We had a fantastic day at yesterday playing with robots, understanding how to train computers and having a go at scientific experiments 🤓👍
@WaingelsCollege - October 23
Pleased to see lots of students caring about recycling their rubbish in the canteen at break time today! - Mrs Knights ♻️
@WaingelsCollege - October 22
Whoops! But nights off are allowed Mr Salberg 😊
@WaingelsCollege - October 22
Great afternoon spent Recruiting new students for our Sixth Form
@WaingelsCollege - October 22
Transition and Admissions Administrator, Waingels, Wokingham