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Pastoral Care

Staff, parents and carers agree that pupils are safe at school. Ofsted 2018

Key aspects of our pastoral support work are to equip students to thrive as individuals in a rapidly changing world; to enable them to be resilient and resourceful and to maintain a culture in which students are respectful to staff and kind to each other. We work closely with families in support of students’ learning and we strive to ensure the school is a safe environment. 

Our pastoral structure includes a Head of Year whose primary role is to care for students, in the widest sense, overseeing their progress and development in school. 
Each child is allocated to a tutor group of approximately 30 students. Each tutor group has a base where they meet their tutor every morning. Tutors run a programme of personal, social and cultural activities alongside close monitoring of student progress and some personal mentoring. 

Our annual assembly programme offers opportunities for collective reflection, sharing of values and stimulus on important cultural, social and curricular topics. 

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@WaingelsCollege - July 5
In 2021/22 approximately 2.17 million people used a foodbank in the United Kingdom. We hope our Waingels community can help support our local Woodley Foodbank by using our 'Donation Station' at the front of Reception. What to donate? Thank you
@WaingelsCollege - July 4
The anticipation is over... Year 11 Prom photographs can now be viewed on the school website! Arrival Photographs: Venue Photographs:
@WaingelsCollege - July 2
We are seeking to appoint two positions in our school kitchen. If you believe you are the right candidate for these roles, please visit our website here: Second Cook/Chef: Kitchen Assistant: PLEASE SHARE
@WaingelsCollege - July 1
We said goodbye and good luck to our Year 13 cohort today.. photos of the day are now live on our website!
@WaingelsCollege - July 1
To mark the end of Pride month, the canteen staff kindly baked this delicious rainbow cake for us to enjoy this Friday! Thank you 🥰
@WaingelsCollege - July 1
Don’t forget: Great Waingels Book Swap Bring a book you would like to swap to Yellow Zone or Community Zone during Monday breaktime, and choose another book in exchange!
@WaingelsCollege - June 29
Congratulations to these students in Year 7 & 8 who received their bronze, silver or gold Personal Development badges today! Keep up the great work!
@WaingelsCollege - June 29
Lovely photos. Thank you for sharing . We are glad Year 5 enjoyed their day with us!