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Waingels Challenges

During the summer vacation we will not be setting formal work to be completed by students. However, there are still plenty of opportunities to continue learning without having to be sat at a computer or writing in exercise books. The following challenges are ideal opportunities to engage as a family in a variety of activities that may help pass the summer vacation. Please share what you have done via the email address We are really looking forward to seeing what you achieve!



Codecademy 30 minutes per week


Look at Youtube and ‘The Best Monologue Ever‘ by Giovanni Guidelli. He chooses three words only and says them in so many ways that he tells an interesting and moving story. Have a go at performing just three words of your own choice in lots of voices, with varied pauses and great facial expressions.


Food & Nutrition


Take some 'virtual fieldtrips' of your choice. Take a look at this authors work Miss L. Pellegrino, @MissGeog92 for some inspiration here.


Research & create your own family tree.


Complete the Duolingo Challenge - 20 minutes per day!

Summer Language Challenge



Physical Education

Learn how to juggle with three objects

Religious Studies/ PSHCE


Complete the Crest Award Activity "Which Crisps are Crispiest?"

Everything you need to know can be found on pages 3 and 4 of this link