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Drug Education Day

Freddie and Dylan arrived in high spirits, ready for a busy day at Waingels. The Woodley secondary school had invited these experts in as part of their drive to improve drugs education amongst the students. Freddie and Dylan are drug detection dogs from ICTS Canine Detection Services.

On Tuesday 27th March, Freddie a passive detection dog, and Dylan a pro-active detection dog, came to school for the day. They put on fantastic drug awareness presentations to the schools’ students, which included a number of live demonstrations showcasing their expert skills. The dogs and their handlers visited lessons, meeting students, answering their questions and explaining the significant impact of being involved in drugs. The science team also welcomed the dogs into their specially designed lessons on Olfaction, and the science of smell.

This was Waingels first, of what will become an annual, drugs education day aimed at highlighting the dangers of drugs within the community, and in educating and equipping their students to have a better understanding of drugs and the consequences associated with them. It also supported and reinforced the schools’ zero tolerance approach towards the issue. Waingels is clearly committed to ensuring that all of their students receive a high quality drugs education and that must be applauded.


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