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Waingels Welcomes a New Head Team

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Left to Right: Deputy Head Girl: Solaya, Head Girl: Erin, Principal: Mr Bartlett, Head Boy: Sam, Deputy Head Boy: Kelvin

This month Waingels has welcomed a new 2018-2019 Head Team! We congratulate our Head Boy and Head Girl: Sam and Erin, Deputy Head Boy and Deputy Head Girl: Kelvin and Solaya. We know you will all work extreamly hard in your new roles; we throughly look forward to working with you over the next year. 

Here is what the newly elected Head Team had to say...

"Firstly, we’d like to thank you for giving us this amazing opportunity to represent your views as your new Head Team!"

"Before applying, many of us were hesitant but soon enough, we realised how beneficial the process would be, regardless of the outcome. We gained an immense amount of self-confidence due to the support throughout. Both Mr Pembroke and Mrs Ward gave us the boost we needed to push ourselves, as well as helping us to believe in ourselves and our abilities. At first, doing a speech in front of so many seemed daunting, yet by the end, everyone felt comfortable speaking in front of a crowd, which is a valuable skill that we learnt from the process. Although many perceived it as a competition, we were all so supportive of each other, and built each-other’s self-esteem. This is something we, as the Head Team, will strive to continue. As a team, we believe that we will work well together to continue keeping Waingels a positive learning environment for everyone."

"In terms of some ideas we have within the Sixth Form, we recognise that so much has already been done for Year 12s and 13s, yet we feel there is always room for improvement. For example, we would love to use your feedback to make the most of enrichment lessons, by creating topics that are of interest to everyone. Additionally, we are looking into the idea of introducing specific days where more casual clothing can be worn. Along with this, we are excited about the Streatley Conference with the upcoming School Council to hear even more of your ideas about how the school can carry on improving, especially the current Year 11s who will be joining us here next year. This would allow us to begin to implement your ideas prior to joining the Sixth Form, hence making your experience here the best it can be."

"We would love to express our gratitude to the outgoing Head Team for all of their hard work and to those who have allowed us to be placed in this amazing position, we look forward to working with all of you!"