Victory for the U14 Football Team

I would like to make mention to the Year 9 Boys Football Team winning the Premiership Final against Forest School on Monday 20th May at Ascot Utd Football Club. Their effort and improvement throughout this year has been fantastic. We began the season losing against Forest, but rallied and won our remaining games against good competition (Furze Platt, Cox Green) culminating in a 5-1 semi-final win against Edgebarrow (their first loss of the season). Throughout the season the boys have gelled as a team and shown great determination and excellent skill and ability.

In the Final, we conceded a goal after the first five minutes, but equalised two minutes later by a goal from Harry K. There was excellent saves from Henry B and confident defensive displays from Ben S, Harrison L and Harry C. We went into the second half 2-1 up after a goal from Louis B and we showed great attacking play with chances from Reece S, Louis A and Louis B. Early in the second half we conceded a second goal, making it 2:2. With 15 minutes to go Forest were leading 3-2, but after a tremendous effort we scored the equalising goal (Louis B) at 3-3 taking us to penalties.

Our solid and calm penalty takers were: Danny B, Reece M, Rhys S, Ben S and Louis B. All showed some of the best penalties I’ve seen and were calm and resilient to the end. We scored our penalties with the second pupil for Forest missing their penalty making us THE U14 PREMIERSHIP LEAGUE CUP WINNERS! Two years in a row as the current Year 10s won this trophy last year! The Trophy stays at Waingels for another year!

I would like to say how proud I am for the boys, who like I say, have shown great character and fantastic team display all round.

Well Done Team,

Louis A

Jake B

Louis B

Harrison L

Ben S

Reece M

Reece S

Harry C

Harry K

Danny B

Oliver T

Jack H

Henry B

Charlie B

Ibukan F

Salvatore P

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