Open Evening Success

On Thursday 5th October, Waingels held its annual Open Evening event to present all the subjects and facilities available at the school. Many parents and upcoming Year 7 students were on site exploring and finding out more about our community. Many current Waingels students helped in subject areas or were a tour guide – leading groups around the campus. I had the opportunity to take this role of a guide, and I’m writing to share my experience of this.

When we were connected with our tour at around 5pm, we were instructed to start in Yellow Zone. Languages, Drama, Music, Photography, Fine Art were on show with so many activities. One of the highlights had to be the Drama performance. The piece we saw was based on a Year 7s first day and some of the common misconceptions they may have. It was extremely professional and enjoyable to watch – two children in my group even wanted to go back and watch it again!

Next up was Green Zone with Food Tech, Science and Maths. The Science Department had many interesting demonstrations, including one about fireworks and how they get their colour. In addition, the visitors got to choose ingredients they’d like in their granola, and have it made by one of the students.

The PE block was next on the tour route. Badminton, the fitness suite, and trampolining were on offer. Trampolining was very popular among my group.

After that, we went upstairs in Red Zone to where Beliefs & Life, 3D Design and Textiles were on display. After looking at artwork made by students, and practicing CPR in Beliefs & Life, we headed downstairs to History, Geography, Computing, Business, Economics, and Personal Development. History had a quiz, and Geography had an activity where you pin your house on a big map of the area.

Finally, in Community Zone we had a look at the canteen and The Den. We answered a lot of questions about the school day and subject options to the parents and children, before the tour ended. I loved having the responsibility to tour a group around my school, show them all the subjects and facilities, and answer all their burning questions! Having taken part in the event for the past three years, I would recommend it to students who haven’t yet participated. It’s very beneficial to your personal development journey, and boosts your confidence.