Year 8 AAA Fundraiser

We are extremely proud of our Year 8 AAA (Triple A) students for organising and hosting a Christmas Fair on Tuesday 13th & Wednesday 14th December to raise money for local charity, Woodley Lunch Bunch. Students worked in small groups, coming up with innovative ideas of different products they could sell at the event; this varied from homemade cakes and biscuits, crafts, tombola’s and games, homemade waffles, handmade gifts such as sock snowmen and much more!

Waingels students enjoyed visiting the stalls at their break time and spending their pocket money. All together the Year 8 students managed to raise a staggering £514.28 which was donated to Woodley Lunch Bunch on Friday 3rd February. 

A special shout out to ‘The Christmaseers' who were the team to raise the most amount of money £106.36 for their stall. Well done Year 8 AAA students and well done Waingels community for supporting!